Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Putting Together a Candy Land Trunk or Treat

Halloween happens to by my 5 year olds favorite holiday, besides Christmas obviously. So this year I decided to volunteer for Trunk or Treat at my his school. I was a little intimifdated and confused about themes as this was the first Trunk or Treat I have ever attended and participated. My son is in Kindergarten and I really want to do something geared to the younger grades but do something everyone would love. Our favorite game to play together is Candy Land so I figured that would be the perfect theme to create. So, I closed my eyes envisioned the game and off I went....

The first thing I did was search on Amazon for Candy Land Decorations. I came across these awesome Sweet Candy Lollipop Balloons that we had blown up at a local party store for a small fee. 

I also stumbled upon Candy Land Pepper Stripes Deco Letters. I thought these were key for making a banner because they are the true letters from the game. Its important when recreating something you want it to be familiar with the viewer and for $8.99 these were a score. I used poster board and sprayed the background with glitter paint. I hot glued the letters on the sign and added some candy I made using styrofoam discs and cellophane. I made the large lollipops the same way. I just tied them once at the bottom and bought large sticks from the craft store

For the background we used plastic table cloths right from the dollar store and taped them up and added a plastic flag banner. We used poster board and cut out game pieces. And made the candy land walkway using poster board and regular sized pieces of colored construction paper. We also sprayed halloween buckets with glitter spray paint and flipped them upside down to give the "gum drop" look. 

Grab a few small and large pinwheels and throw them in the mix and roll up some poster board and cover to make look like candy sticks and you will have a complete Candy Land Trunk or Treat that everyone will love. 

Have any questions or need some help trying to tie together your Candy Land themed party or Trunk or treat? Feel free to email me at

Candyland Trunk or Treat

My first Trunk or Treat ever.

How I came to this idea and everything you need to know to accomplish a successful Candyland theme up on the blog TONIGHT. This theme was loved by all, especially all the children, big and small.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Parents, you will love Britax's New Car Seat

 Parents You WILL Love This Seat

AND Here are just some of the reasons why....

  • Easy adjust harness... Thank you, Britax! I have always hated the struggle of adjusting a harness. 
  • Plush Padding that can be removed as your baby grows. 
  • Super Soft Cover: that's super easy to remove and wash. 
  • Lightweight and compact: And can fit babies  from 4 up to 35 pounds.. The seat only weighs 11.5 pounds and really easy to carry around. 

  • Big canopy: The canopy of this car seat extends beyond the handle of the car seat, and the baby will be protected from any rain and sun.
  • Click&Go capability: This was designed to be part of the Click&Go system, so you can quickly and safely install it in any Britax base or into any Britax stroller. 
  • Ergonomic handle: It was designed to make it easier for parents to hold, whether in our hand or on the forearm. 

Britain Really is Raising the Bar on Car Seat Safety 

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Best of the Best... June & January May Sale

Soooooo beyond excited for June & January's May Sale TOMORROW at 11AM EST. 

If you don't know anything about this awesome little company that is growing bigger and bigger each day you are missing out. They are all about basics full of bright colors showcasing solids, dots and stripes. Besides the amazing clothes what I think I love most is that it's a company founded and driven by an amazing woman. In 2010 Amy Richardson-Golia started June and January, which was formerly Little Hip Squeaks. The J&J team behind Amy is put together of super hardworking Mamas. 

The sale tomorrow is going to be HUGE, featuirng a great selection of items at fantastic prices.  Basic Tees, Twirl Skirts, Peplum Tops, Ballet Tops, Bloomers, Racer Back Tanks, Lounge Pants are all $13, yes you read that right!! Tank & Hoodie Jumpers are $17, and Swing Dresses & Leotards are $19. Below I put together just a few of the things on my wish list that I'm hoping to snag.... Check out the sale or you will be sorry you missed it. But remember to be quick they are known to sell out in seconds, yes seconds....

Check out Brooklyn below rocking a June and Janury bubblegum bow clip and ballet top, avocado lounge pants, a onyx dot cardigan and ebony moccasins from our favorite company Freshly Picked.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Woolie Ball Necklaces..... the best!!!!!

Let's talk about Kokie&Co and these amazing Woolie Ball Necklaces she makes. The moment Brooklyn put it on she lit up, as you can see below. She constantly is reaching to wear one each and every day.. We have gotten numerous compliments from friends, family and complete strangers.

Brooklyn loves them so much and so do I. Not only are they made so perfectly, but they are an amazing price as well! The will truly complete your little girls look...

Check out Kokie & Co on Instagram for giveaways and to keep up on the newest color releases... There are many different options to choose from. You can pick from the style above, ready to ship 4 Woolie Ball necklaces in different colors or the newest option the Custom Woolie Ball Necklace where you can pick the colors you want..Visit Kokie & Co's Etsy Shop today to place an order, you will keep going back to order more and more....

The owner behind the shop is Jordyn. A hard working, SAH Mama to two babes. Stop by Kokie & Co. on Instagram and say hi! SHOP SMALL today!!