Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back To School

In honor of back to school I have taken the following quiz....

What Your Back to School Personality Says About You

You are fairly driven, but the big win always seems a bit beyond your reach. You lack intense passion.

You are most likely to succeed if you simply do what you love. Doing things you find boring dooms you to failure.

Your greatest skill is organization. You are good at laying out a plan and making sure it gets followed.

Your biggest stumbling block in life is your lack of self confidence. You are a lot more capable than you give yourself credit for.

The number one thing you're thankful for is your friends and family.

What does your Back To School Personality Say About You?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gone Fishin' I mean Crabbing

So, I've gone crabbing for the day at Brian's parents house.. I am so excited!! Last sunday after the party we went crabbing and I caught about 20 crabs or so.... I hope the weather holds up for me to catch some more big ones... Hopefully we'll have a nice crack your own crab dinner tonight! What are your big plans for this lovely long holiday weekend?

Friday, August 29, 2008

My First Time

I got this from From Sarah Elizabeth @ Jacks, Yurman, & Bobby Brown

I read her blog where she listed 'firsts'.

I thought it would be fun to take a ride down memory lane. And this is what i came up with:

I first walked at 13 months.

My first real kiss was outside of the movie theater in this beautiful park. Too bad it was a slobery kiss... eewww... grosss...

My first real break-up was with this kid Kevin.. I just thought he wasn't cute anymore...

My first trip out of the country was to the Spain, I was 14.

The first time I moved was when I was 2 months old.

My first love was Giovanni, my high school boyfriend that I dated for 4 years. Or at least I thought it was love. It's not the same feeling that I have now for Brian though... This feeling is more of a 1st love, true love feeling.. Brian is my real 1st love! I thought Giovanni was my 1st love until I felt what real love was like...

My first car was a purple saturn SC2.

My first pet was a car named Inky.. He lived for 19 years and slept on my bed every single night until i left for college...

This was my first cell phone number was 908-720-7201

The first time I went to a strip club was in high school!

The first time I got my heart broken was at the age of 16, but I too returned the favor...

The first time I had sushi in college, Erika and I went to a Japanese Restuarant and walked out cause it was not what we had in mind!

I met my first best friend in 1st grade.. We were best friends until high school..

The first time I had an oyster was NEVER... And i love seafood! I just can't get down with the rawness..

My first job was as a lifeguard at the age of 15.

My first experience with death was that of an aquaintance in high school. She had been drinking underage and got hit by a car on the Garden State Parkway after fighting with her father... It was really sad and very shocking!

What are some of your 1sts?

Thursday, August 28, 2008


So i've made it!! I've made it to my 200th Post..

In honor of this occassion I want to know what YOU want to know about me!! Don't hold back - ask me ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want to know... Go ahead - don't be shy!!

And I promise - I will answer ALL of the questions asked - open and honest!! I think this could be fun for me too...

I have made sooo many GREAT Bloggy friends these past few months and I am grateful to everyone who reads my Blog!

**For everyone that asks me at least 5 questions your name will be put into a drawing for a Soda Club Home Soda Maker.. To receive 5 extra entries into this GIVEAWAY post about this Contest on your blog please and link back to me... The Giveaway will end Saturday, September 13th at 12:00 am EST... The winner will be announced sometime over the weekend.**

Happy Asking & Good Luck to all!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The 30th Surprise Birthday Party

OK.... So I have been M.I.A. a lil - but for good reasons... As most of you already know, Saturday I gave Brian a Surprise 30th Birthday Party for all of our friends and family! I was sooo busy prior to the party.. Setting up, cleaning, cooking, running errands, and much much more..

I had the party at Brian's parent's summer house that sits right on the bay! I invited 80 people( only 10 couldn't attend)!! His mom and I catered the party and even hired 2 waitresses to help with the food and the clean-up!(I will say that was the best thing we did and I recommend it to anyone having a big party like that at their house, it really, really helps).

So - Brian thought we were going to his parent's house for a plain old family BBQ... Little did he know there were 70 people waiting to celebrate with him! He was in complete shock and completely surprised when we walked through the back gate and everyone yelled surprise!!

A great time was had by all, especially the Birthday boy and myself.. I love him so much and was so excited to give him the best birthday ever - a birthday that he completely deserved surrounded by everyone that loves us!

Check out the pics below:

His face in this picture is so priceless!

He still couldn't believe it!

Us in the backyard!

Checkout his birthday invitation!! Made by

The photo collage I made for him!

The banner I made for him!

Eliza & Aunt Dana

Eliza & Uncle Brian
Danielle(from New Mommy Rant) & I

My Beautiful Family

The cake I designed!

Make a wish!!
Yumm-O Cake - Chocolate Cake with Cannoli Cream filling and buttercream icing!
Cake in the face!

Brian's Family!

My WONDERFUL friends
Daddy (Pete) & the most beautiful baby!
Brian getting roasted by his cousin Michael
Hi Heather!

Brian's family

Opening presents!!!
Lots of presents!!