Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm still here...

OK... so i've been so busy with the end of classes and getting Lola that I haven't been able to Blog. It feels like forever!! But I've really been out of touch and spending quality time with Lola.. And I've been spending quality time at the beach while she takes her naps..
But she has been doing really, really well!! And she is sooooo much fun! Everyone loves her. I went to PetSmart the other day and it took me over 2 hours to buy a few things because every time we turned on to another aisle someone stopped us to look at her and ask me about her... I wont lie, I love it!! Every night Brian and I take her out on to the front lawn which is right across the street from the Beach and the Boardwalk which means there are people all over.. We take her out to run on the grass and get some exercise and since we are training her off of the leash it's good practice... People just love her!!! She really does have a great personality!! But like any puppy she is in her teething stage and loves to bite feet and fingers!

The housetraining has been going great considering she is only 9 weeks old. She barks at night while we are sleeping if she has to go out and she has only had about 3 accidents in the house which were really all my fault because I couldn't get my shoes on fast enough. And those accident were last week.. Since about Saturday she has been going in to the kitchen by our back door when she needs to go out. I also take her as soon as she wakes up and about 15 minutes after she eats breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And then just to play it safe I take her out about every 30 minutes give or take. I guess that's the key.. Not bad for a lil baby puppy right?
The only thing that has not been going well is when we need to leave her. We decided not to crate her but to gate her in the hallway with her bed, water, and safe toys while we are gone. I also line the floor completely with newspaper and set up her puppy pad incase she can't hold it. Yesterday was the 1st time we left her for more than an hour. I had to babysit a half day so she was alone from about 1 to 6.. I made sure to tire her out really well so she was sleeping when I left her.. But from what my understanding neighbor said she crys really bad while we are gone. I attribute it to her being a puppy and not wanting be be alone. But what can I do? I've left our shirts with our scent on it and everything. She must also get mad and dig in her water because we come home and the area by her water bowl is soaking wet, it's actually pretty funny. But now I get nervouse that she won't have water cause she spilt it all, lol!!!

Anyway, things are good and we are loving our Little Lola.. She is sooo much fun and spunky! Like I had mentioned before we are training her off the lease. we want her to be obediant and listen to us without wearing a leash. But I have begun trying to take her for a walks, eventhough I like to call them "Drags" becuase she doesn't move. It's more me draggin her then her walking, lol... It'll just take time.. She's learning and doing a great job!!

Check out some of the pictures below... A couple of the 1st few were taken by my good friend Pete. Check out his site, he takes amazing shots!!

PS - I did great on my final observation and will receive my entire bonus!! WOO-HOO.... Way to kick off my summer vacation!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


We welcomed Lola in to our house on Friday, June 19th.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lola and her Litter

There were 4 puppies in Lola's litter and the week before she was born her Aunt had 7 puppies... So you can imagine the heaven I was in with 11 little English Bulldog Pups running around!!
Only 2 days and I get to bring her home!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To Crate or Not To Crate

To crate or not to crate that is the question?
We are trying to decide whether or not we should crate Lola or not. I have had good and bad experiences with crating dogs in the past so I'm not sure what to do this time around.
When my mom and I had our Brittany Spaniels we crate our 1st one Jax. He was used to being in a cage from where he was breed so it wasn't a problem. Our other dog belle on the other hand was never used to being in a crate so when we put her in she used to squeeze herself through the bars. We were so nervous she was going to get stuck and strangle herself that we gated her off iin the hallway and it worked GREAT!! So we are contemplating doing the same thing. Number 1 crates are very expensive and number 2 they take up a ton of space!! I think I'd rather let her have a little more room too.. And by gating her in our hallway that would do so.
I'm also nervous that since she has never been crated she'll hate it and cry and whimper and be upset. And the last thing I want to do is upset her. I think taking her away from her mom and litter is cruel enough (yes, I'm upset and having extreme anxiety about that, I don't want her upset, but that's for another post another day, lol)
So I guess I'm looking for any advice you may have whether it be about crating or not. Let me know I'm like a new mom wanting all the adive I can get, lol....
Happy Wednesday!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Count Down

The count down has officially begun!! I only have 5 more work days left and I can't wait!
I had my final observation on Friday I kicked some serious ass if I do say so myself!!
I can know breathe a sigh of relief.... We also have a count down for our little Bulldog baby...Six more days til we bring her home!!

Our weekend was good.. Busy but good!

Saturday we celebrated Brian's little brothers graduation with a big family party!! It was really nice catching up with his cousins and aunts & uncles.. I love those big family parties, they're the best!

Then Sunday we relaxed in the morning since the weather was crappy.. We had breakfast and watched a movie. When the weather broke we took the Harley out for a ride and did some shopping, some "new puppy" shopping.. And let me tell you how excited I am.. A few weeks ago I was in Pet Smart and I saw the collar I wanted to get once Brian and I got a dog.. It's the cutest pink leather spiked collar. It was a little expensive but i figured when the time came I'd buy it for our dog. So we went today to do some pre-shopping to get a few things and I went to get the collar... And boy was I happy to see that it was on sale for 50% off... Woo-Hoo!!! I love a good deal!! So I bought her a puppy one and one for when she gets a little bigger! I couldn't resist.. We also ordered her the cutest Dog Tag.. I seriously can'y wait!! This time next week we'll have our puppy home with us AND I'll de done with work!! what's better then that?

Hope you had a great weekend and that you enjoy your week!

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Final Observation

Today I am getting observed for the last time this school year!!
And this time it is REALLY, really important because of lot of how the observation goes is based on my end of the year bonus!! And it is a grrrrreat bonus that I want to receive 100% of... So I've got my shoes shined and I'm ready to kick some butt today!!
It's tough and soooo not like working in a regualr school. I'm working with troubled, traumatized, psychotic kids!! So you mya ask what could go wrong? ANYTHING!!!!!!
I will stay focused and I am sure that I'll do ok! Every other time I was observed I was a nervous wreck and I did awesome!! I just need to tell myself I'll be ok!! I'll be ok right?
I will say that I am super excited that this time next week I'll be getting ready for my last day of classes!! Woo-Hoo......
OK... well I gotta run.. Now wish me luck and send me all of you postive energy this morning!
I will let you know how it goes!
Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Perfect Summer

I can hardly believe that I only have 8 days of classes... wow... where did this school year go? I mean seriously, seriously.... Where did it go?Align Center I don't know where it went but I'm glad it's almost over!
I have a really great summer planned! I have been working every summer since I was 14, but not this summer. This summer is going to be a summer all about me! Well me, my new pup, and the love of my life! Taking this new job at the hospital in January has now afforded me to take it easy this summer. I actually will continue to get paid over the summer which is such a plus.. But I'm not just going to do nothing, I could never do nothing. I'm too work oriented. It's just going to be more laid back!
So i'm actually going to be babysitting 3 days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays - half days... I'm going to have a perfect schedule! I can do the beach thing in the morning and then babysit for the 2nd half of the day!
It's been such a busy year I just need to kick off my work shoes throw on my Flip Flops and start sipping a Pina Colada....
Oh gosh I can't wait!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Lola Pics....

I couldn't stand being away from Lola so Brian and I took a trip to visit her and the other pups yesterday after work!! We played with them for over an hour... I don't know who had a more difficult time leaving, Brian or I!
Brian and I are sooo in love with the pups we wish we could take her brother home!
Look at that face and tell me it's not the cutest face ever!?

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Newest Addition................

Meet the newest addition to our family!!!!
Lola.... Born April 24, 2009.....
Yesterday I met with an amazing English Bulldog Breeder and
I played with 11 gorgeous bulldog pups!! They were all sooooo cute and soooo freindly...
But Brian and I picked this little one...
She's only 6 weeks old so we still need to wait 2 more weeks until we can take her home.
But we are going to visit her a few times until then! I am so excited and can't wait to bring her home... I think she's going to love living at the Beach!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm Back Baby...... And I missed You Guys!

I know I know.... Where the hell I been you asking!? Well I've been stuck without a computer and it's been hell.. I finally finally finally got my new laptop, which I love by the way!! when the costum computer guy sent brian a message saying it was "Sweet As Hell" he was right!!! It is and I loooooooove it! So now I'm back in buisness...... And ready to rock!
Though I truly missed blogging I will say it was a nice escape, like a little vacation from technology!
But anyway, I'm back and ready to Blog!
What's been going on? What did I miss in the Bloggy World?
All I do know is that my Google reader is overflowing and I do not know where to begin.
I feel bad deleting cause I love reading everyone's posts. But I start to have an anxiety attack trying to figure out even where to begin!!
These next 2 weeks will also probably be a little hellish for me as I begin to wrap up the school year. (THANK GOD)
I am sooooooo ready for a break from work. I have 2 more full weeks of classes and then I go in the following week to clean up and organize!! I can't wait...
Since I was 14 years old I have worked ever single summer, and worked VERY hard!! This summer I am going toi sit back,relax by the beach and enjoy life... And get this, I still get paid to do that! Isn't that just the greatest?
I know I'll probably get bored by week number 2, but oh well.. This summer is going to be all about me! I finally need to do something for myself! Start treating my self right!
I did schedule some babysitting and tutoring gigs to make some extra cash and to give me something to do.. It's perfect cause it's not a steady thing, it's a here and there thing with different times and different days!
Gotta love summer days~
Well i hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous weekend!
I missed you guys!!