Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm still here...

OK... so i've been so busy with the end of classes and getting Lola that I haven't been able to Blog. It feels like forever!! But I've really been out of touch and spending quality time with Lola.. And I've been spending quality time at the beach while she takes her naps..
But she has been doing really, really well!! And she is sooooo much fun! Everyone loves her. I went to PetSmart the other day and it took me over 2 hours to buy a few things because every time we turned on to another aisle someone stopped us to look at her and ask me about her... I wont lie, I love it!! Every night Brian and I take her out on to the front lawn which is right across the street from the Beach and the Boardwalk which means there are people all over.. We take her out to run on the grass and get some exercise and since we are training her off of the leash it's good practice... People just love her!!! She really does have a great personality!! But like any puppy she is in her teething stage and loves to bite feet and fingers!

The housetraining has been going great considering she is only 9 weeks old. She barks at night while we are sleeping if she has to go out and she has only had about 3 accidents in the house which were really all my fault because I couldn't get my shoes on fast enough. And those accident were last week.. Since about Saturday she has been going in to the kitchen by our back door when she needs to go out. I also take her as soon as she wakes up and about 15 minutes after she eats breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And then just to play it safe I take her out about every 30 minutes give or take. I guess that's the key.. Not bad for a lil baby puppy right?
The only thing that has not been going well is when we need to leave her. We decided not to crate her but to gate her in the hallway with her bed, water, and safe toys while we are gone. I also line the floor completely with newspaper and set up her puppy pad incase she can't hold it. Yesterday was the 1st time we left her for more than an hour. I had to babysit a half day so she was alone from about 1 to 6.. I made sure to tire her out really well so she was sleeping when I left her.. But from what my understanding neighbor said she crys really bad while we are gone. I attribute it to her being a puppy and not wanting be be alone. But what can I do? I've left our shirts with our scent on it and everything. She must also get mad and dig in her water because we come home and the area by her water bowl is soaking wet, it's actually pretty funny. But now I get nervouse that she won't have water cause she spilt it all, lol!!!

Anyway, things are good and we are loving our Little Lola.. She is sooo much fun and spunky! Like I had mentioned before we are training her off the lease. we want her to be obediant and listen to us without wearing a leash. But I have begun trying to take her for a walks, eventhough I like to call them "Drags" becuase she doesn't move. It's more me draggin her then her walking, lol... It'll just take time.. She's learning and doing a great job!!

Check out some of the pictures below... A couple of the 1st few were taken by my good friend Pete. Check out his site, he takes amazing shots!!

PS - I did great on my final observation and will receive my entire bonus!! WOO-HOO.... Way to kick off my summer vacation!


Amy said...

She is soooo cute! :)

La Petite Belle said...

ongrats on Lola and the bonus! you truly deserve it

Steph said...

She is so cute!

As for the separation anxiety. The key is to put her in her little area while you guys are at home too, so that she doesn't associate that area with being alone. Also make short trips outside the house so that she starts to get used to the fact that you guys will come back. Sometimes just go outside the front door for a few minutes. If she doesn't whine or cry, come back inside and give her a treat. She should get used to it. Especially if you are gone often. Also I've heard leaving a TV or soothing music on helps with that also.