Monday, August 10, 2009

Change of Job.. work from HOME?

So since I have had off all summer I'm starting to think I would like a new job.. I'm thinking that I need to find a passion, a career.... Not just a job that I get up to go to every day, something that I find a hassle! I just don't know what that is yet! I know it sounds funny but i would LOVE to work from home.. I've been looking online but most of the jobs seem to be scams. So how do people do it, how do you find a real good work from home job? AND have it be something I love. I'd really love to have a work from home job that way I could be on my own schedule!! I think it would work great for me, especially since I am a very disciplined person..
Now it's just finding the right thing... I welcome ANY and ALL advice and tips.. HELP!!

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