Saturday, May 2, 2009

Please Pray For Baby Noah

On Monday, April 20th Baby Noah was shaken by his daycare provider and within minutes began to seize, and he continued to seize for 15 minutes. 2 days later he began to have more seizures and was placed in a medically induced coma. Recent MRI's have shown extensive brain damage.

Please read Noah's Story by visiting Noah's Road.



Marni's Organized Mess said...


KodiakBear288 said...

Stories like this absolutely sicken me. I work at a daycare (primarily with the infants) and, while there are days that the constant screaming drives me nuts, I would NEVER shake a child. Our daycare is set up so there is one, sometimes, two teachers in the same room (seperated by a wall) that can hop over and help if need be. And the office is right down the hall so if one of the bosses hears uncontrollable screaming, they are always right there to help out.

People need to know their limits and not be afraid to ask to step out of the room if the crying is getting to them. My boss is always willing to send someone down to let me get out of the loud room for a minute if need be.

My thoughts and prayers are with baby Noah.

Tiffany said...

My heart cries for him. I completely can't stand hearing stories like these ones. How can anyone do that to a precious child? I just don't understand. I pray for him.

Pam said...

I'm in tears reading this precious child's story. This is such a terrible thing - I will be praying for Noah and his family.

Amandaaa said...

ahhh. noah is in my prayers!
most definitely! this story is
seriously TERRIBLE!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! That is terrible! I will pray for him...he is too cute!