Sunday, November 29, 2009

Getting Back to Blogging

So I have been MIA for a while now... I think I needed some time away to realize that I really do miss blogging.. I miss the writing, I miss my readers and Bloggy friends, just miss it~
I've just been so busy I've found no time to really go online except to check Facebook and my hotmail email.. I have a Gmail account that I NEVER check! It is linked to my blog and I use it for junk email. I should probably check it since I have like over 2000 emails, lol.. Maybe one day I start and check a few at a time..
So, so much has been going on!! My best friend just had a baby.. I'm getting ready for my nephew to arrive in March and with the holiday that just past and Christmas around the corner I feel crazed!!! I can hardly believe it is almost december.. it feels like yesterday I was going back to work and the summer was winding down... I feel like the older we get the quicker the time goes.... I guess thats night a bad thing!! I just want the spring to get here and get here fast! I want to change the clocks back so it stays lighter later!! But as soon as the Spring gets here I will be closer to turning 30.. Last year on my 29th Birthday I had an anxiety attack about turning 30.. But now as I look at it 30 is going to be great.. I have a lot to look forward and I think that fun stuff is going to happen in my 30's... Getting married, starting a family and having kids, hopefully a new job, etc.... I don't think it'll be that bad!!


Katelin said...

sounds like lots of great stuff to come! and welcome back to blogging, you've been missed :)

EP said...

Welcome back, lovely!