Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rockin Review

So I was recently lucky enough to receive a Fischer-Price Newborn Rock and Play Sleeper from MomSelect. This is a MUST for every Mom of a newborn. This sleeper is perfect because you can use it for them to sleep in at night or to play and relax during the day. All you need to do is give them a gentle push and they will be comfortable for hours! And don't be nervous about the rocking because it does have 3 point restraints that will keep your baby safe and secure while they are being rocked.. I'm sure all the newborns will enjoy that this Sleeper will also allow them to sleep on an angle.

Now we all know that babies, espeically newborns need lots of things. Where ever you go there are things that need to tag along. The Fischer-Price Newborn Rock and Play Sleeper is so light weight and folds almost completely flat that you can easily travel with it, bring it from room to room, or store it in a small area when it is not being used. Another plus of this sleeper is that it comes with a Toy Bunny for soothing or to keep them entertained!!

Soothe, Sleep or Play night or day!!!!! Go get yours today, you'll never know how you lived without it!

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Katie said...

looks great...... I need to get one of those! Thanks for the review! You always do a great job reviewing products!