Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chapter 30

Today beings a new chapter in my life. And that would happen to be Chapter 30. GOODBYE 20's HELLO 30's!!! I used to be sad about turning 30 and leaving my young 20 something life behind.. My 20's was filled with college, sorority parties, bartending, grad school, and meeting the love of my life!!! I used to be sad thinking that I was leaving my youth behind that turning 30 would mean I was old...
When I think about tunring 30 now I think about the amazing things my 30's will hold... I met the love of my life in my 20's! In my 30's I have lots to look forward to.. Getting married, having babies, traveling, and continuing to grow with the Brian, the love of my life, for the rest of our lives!!
So HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to me!!!! May my 30's be all I have ever dreamed!


Katelin said...

happy birthday dana!! hope you have a most fabulous 30th birthday! :)

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Makeup Majesty said...

hope you had a great birthday!! i am almost hitting the 30 mark too, but i'm fine with it =) i'm a new follower, check out my makeup site!

have a great night xoxo

{Cara} said...

Happy birthday sweetie!

PS. just found you on 20SB-love your blog!
PPS.Come stop by mine and follow ;)