Monday, February 9, 2009


So wouldn't ya know that I left the movie, "He's Just Not That Into You"
(which is a whooole nother post) with the girls and as I walked through the parking lot and I glanced down to the bumper of my car to notice AGAIN the paint peeling all of the bumper!! DAMN IT!!! what the hell, seriously!! When it rains it pours!! I just don't understand why an accident that happened almost 2 years ago is still haunting me!

If you don't remember, I have gotten this bumper fixed 3 times!! Remember the Power of The Blog?

But anyway, Brian tells me not to worry about it and that it shouldn't bother me because it's not may car and that I only lease it! But who wants to drive around like that, right? I mean I know I don't own the car and have to give it back - but that could potentially be a problem for me. When they come to inspect the car they'll notcied it and charge me for it and I'll loss money or I'm going to have to pay to get it fixed AGAIN and still lose money. So bascially it's a lose lose situation.. I'm just sooo frustrated because it's pain in the the rear end..
This is my theory! My theory is that they used a refurbished bumper and the paint is just not taking to the bumper! I mean the bumper itself looks great but ya think after 3 times it would be ok.. But no! I mean i guess if that's the case I'll drive around with it like this until it's time to bring the trade the car in for a new one!
Grr..... it's always something! I can't catch a break!!


Matt said...

Its the painters fault.

They probably didnt put any primer on it before they applied the clear coat.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I hate when things go wrong with cars. I hope you can get it fixed quickly and easily.

Danielle said...

ugh...that stinks. Can you bring it back?

Amanda. said...

Ah! I am so sorry. I feel
your frustration...I have
the WORST luck with cars...for
real. Bring it back...they
should be willing to fix it...
since it was THEIR work.

Katelin said...

ugh that's so annoying. said...

help! can you share how to post the code for the button?

Tracy said...

Oh that stinks! On a better note was the movie any good? P.S. I need your address for the cd if you would like it. Thanks!

Mamarazzi said... really have gone through it with this whole bumper thing. totally nuts!

Christy said...

Oh no! Maybe the power of the blog will work again?

Mama Smurf said...

ACK! How frustrating!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I'd say it is time to break out the sharpies!