Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You!?

So early on Saturday morning the girls and myself met at the local Mall/Movie theater to go see the new movie "He's Just Not That nto You." It was soooo much fun getting together with the girls and seeing a girly movie, god knows my wonderful boyfriend doens't like sitting through the girly ones, haha!!

Anyway, the movie was really, really cute! But I will say that it wasn't too great for the single girls psychie if you know what I mean. I'm not single but I'm not married so I guess this kind fo applys to me. It's funny cause I came home and this is the conversation that Brian and I had.

Him: So, How'd you like the movie?

Me: Ehh..

Him: I didn't want you to see that movie!

Me: Why not?

Him: Cause now I'm afraid you think I'm not into you.

Me: {Laughing} Oh please, it's a movie!

Him: Now you think I don't love you right?

Me: It's just a movie!

But I will say that I can see how it may make single, unmarried girls question themselves just a little. I mean I don't! I know Brian loves me and ewants to be with me. I know he loves being with me and that one day we will get married. But it doesn't mean some of those things aren't thought about! I mean come on - you kinda can't help it. But that doesn't mean I directly apply it to myself. I will admit some of the things got me thinking but ya know what.. Everyone's life is different and so is everyone's relationship. And I don't think it's fair to judge every male, and female for that matter but what someone happens to or to not write in a book.

So there's my point! It's a movie folks and people shouldn't read into it anymore then they do! Don't think something cause someone says that's not how it's suppossed to happen. Live your life for you and not by what other people say or think!!!


Auburn Kat said...

As you know I went and saw the movie too. I thought at parts it was a bit harsh and at one point I asked myself why the heck would I want to get in to another relationship. However, I thought a lot of it was true BUT it obviously does not apply to everyone.

Future Mom (Heather) said...

I don't think you have anything to worry about...you're the exception and not the rule :)

ps-love that hottie Ben Affleck!

Amanda. said...

I want to see this movie.
But I totally know what you
mean about it not being good
for the female brain. I read
the book when I was dating
someone...and I kept second
guessing everything in our
relationship. Haha.

Danielle said...

I think it is funny that he was all worried. did he read the book? how does he know so much about this movie?

Katelin said...

i saw the movie a while back and i actually really liked it. yeah it can be kind of harsh to the single girl psyche, but i also think it's pretty accurate. i know when i was single i definitely had some of the experiences they had in the movie, haha.

but i also agree that it really is just a movie.

Louise said...

I do want to see that movie at some point.
And I agree with your friends...you got nothing to worry about, just from what I read and see on your blog your man is totally into you!!
How could he not be??!!
Hugs dear!

Tracy said...

I'ld like to see it but it probably won't be until it is out on dvd. I saw the author of the book on Oprah a couple of years ago. He seemed way harsh but maybe some girls need that wake up call.

Missy said...

I can't wait to see that movie! Glad you had fun out with your friends!

Mama Smurf said...

I've been wanting to get around to seeing this. Soon. Very, very soon.

La Petite Belle said...

hilarious. I get what he's saying, though- the movie reveals a lot about men, I hear. Cant wait to see it!

angelsroy33 said...

I read the book, and loved it.But I don't believe all of the stuff that was in it. My husband and I were together for 16 yrs.before we got married! Alot could have been said for that,(and was,) but I knew what we had, and we BOTH were happy the way things were.Don't forget,-it's a movie made for entertainment. Alot of people take all this WAY too seriously. Love it or leave it!~watch it or don't,~know what I mean?

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I saw the movie this weekend too. I am single and I saw a lot of myself in this advice. I definitely over-read everything and I need to stop that. It was a lot funnier than I expected though!