Thursday, March 20, 2008

Body Worlds Exhibition

Has anyone ever heard of or been to Gunther von Hagens "Body Worlds" The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies? I know it's in Milwaukee at the public museum and has recently started up in Baltimore at the Maryland Science Center. A few months ago my boyfriend and I have been talking about taking a Road Trip (a 13 hour road trip) to Milwaukee to see the exhibit, It looks so interesting. Now that I see it's in Baltimore until September 1, 2008 I definately want to take that Road Trip (only 2 and 1/2 hours). And it's an excuse to visit my brother and his bride-to-be who live 5 minutes away from the exhibit.

For those of you who don't know what this exhibit is I'll give you a brief description:

The BODY WORLDS exhibitions are first-of-their-kind exhibitions through which visitors learn about anatomy, physiology, and health by viewing real human bodies, using an extraordinary process called Plastination a groundbreaking method for specimen preservation invented by Dr. von Hagens in 1977.Each exhibition features more than 200 real human specimens, including whole-body plastinates, individual organs, organ configurations and transparent body slices. The specimens on display stem from the body donation program that Gunther von Hagens established in 1983.The exhibitions also allow visitors to see and better understand the long-term impact of diseases, the effects of tobacco consumption and the mechanics of artificial supports such as knees and hips. To date, nearly 25 million people around the world have viewed the BODY WORLDS exhibits.

I know, I know.. To some of you I may sound a little crazy to want to see real humans skinned and exposed! But I just find the human body so interesting, especially all of our organs. I know I would have a hard time getting used to the exhibition, but I'm sure once I settled in it would be a great learning experience!!

With all of that said... Are you as freaky as me, LOL...Would you want to visit this exhibit?

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Heather said...

I went to see the exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota. It is very interesting and not very creepy. The bodies don't look real. There is only one creepy part and that is at the end of the tour and there are big warnings before you go in. I would definitely recommend it.