Friday, March 28, 2008

Wearing Your Wedding Dress... After The Wedding!!

I'm not married - I'm not even engaged! BUT, I was thinking, when I do to get married I'd be really sad to only be able to wear my wedding dress once. Ya know - I mean you spend all that money on it - shouldn't you get to wear it again?
On Easter my brother and his bride-to-be were up from Maryland! We were talking about wedding details, the reception, and the honeymoon. This sparked a converstaion about wearing your wedding dress again.

Suppossedly the new rage in photography is called "Trash the Dress." I think this is a horrible idea!! Why would anyone want to trash their wedding dress? {Unless the marriage didn't work out :(
They say brides want to do this to add something unconventional to their Wedding Albums!! I don't know about that... If you don't want to save your dress for the daughter you may have, isn't there something better you could do besides "trash the dress?" I mean trashing the dress can't be a good sign of longevity of the marriage.
This shot was taken by a photographer named John Michael Cooper, who coined the phrase Trash the Dress....
(Click on the pic to see more of his work)

It defintely seems fun to trash a dress.. I just wouldn't want to trash my own!!
I think I have a better idea.. (Sorry, I can't take credit for this idea, but it's something that looks like tons of fun, you get to wear your dress again, and you don't have to trash it..)
After I get married I want to have a GIRLS PARTY, (as seen on "FRIENDS") with just my closest friends (because if I invited other people they might think i was crazy, LOL). At this party everyone gets to wear thier weding dress 1 last time.. Why spend all the money and not get to wear your dress again, right...
As I continue to write about this I'm starting to wonder if this idea is too crazy or just too funny.. IDK!! But hey, it looks like lots of fun:

So what would you rather do PARTY



Future Mom said...

i think my first comment got lost because it's not showing! i will re-type it :)

Future Mom said...

I have been talking about having a dinner party wearing wedding gowns (like the friends episode) ever since my first friend got married. I literally bring it up to everyone I know who is buying a wedding dress.

Most recently, I was talking to a friend of a friend who was really into the idea...however she got married in the Bahamas a few weeks ago and the entire bridal party (including the bride) jumped in the pool after the reception ruining all of their dresses & tuxes! Hope those guys weren't planning on getting their deposits back!!

I have been waiting for the right time to put the wedding gown back has been hanging in my closet since the wedding almost 3 years ago. I keep putting off getting it preserved because I feel like something will come up that I will want to wear it. I actually asked my mom if she thought it was too formal for "formal night" the cruise we took this year. LOL.

I would not ever consider ruining the dress...I spent many nights busting my butt waitressing to pay for it! I also have no intention of giving it to my future daughter...I don't know why people even consider this idea because I don't know many people that would wear a 20 or 30 year old dress that is way out of style. And what makes people think that their daughter would be the same size as they are. I wish I could fit into the size that my mother wears.

30 Minute Mommy said...

I had mine preserved so I don't think I will wear it again. Plus it is a size zero! not fitting right now anyway

Heather said...

I re-purposed my wedding dress into a baptism gown for our daughter. It's now a very precious heirloom that takes up a lot less space!

Katelin said...

i would much rather party than anything else with my dress again.

Anonymous said...

Definitely, definitely party. Even though trashing the dress would look cool (and I'll admit that I would definitely want to photograph something like it), I wouldn't want to do it to my gown.

brookem said...

Oof! I have heard about this whole
"Trash the Dress" concept.... I don't know if I could ever do it!

Ashley said...

I love that Friends episode!!

When I got married, I borrowed my aunt's gorgeous wedding dress. I'm not the type to get super emotionally attached to clothing, so it worked for me!

If you trash the dress, how wasteful! I think it's silly to pay hundreds (or thousands) for something you wear for a day...

(Although the pictures are pretty crazy and fun to look at!!)

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