Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sometimes I Don't Understand

Sometimes I don't understand why God does the things he does..

The reason I didn't post at all yesterday was because I had such a CRAZY day, I had a bridal shower and a Night Time Christening! I spent more time in the car then I did at the parties, but it was a very fun day!

The reason I say sometimes I don't understand God is because last night while Brian & I were at our friend's new baby's christening we were catching up with friends. While standing at the bar I made a comment on how cute this little boy was. He was on the dance floor dancning up a storm, dressed up in kakhi pants and a tiny navy blue blazer. Our friend mentioned he was only 1 and 1/2 years old and that he was just diagnosed with Muscualr Dystrophy! He continued to say that the doctors told his mother if he was lucky if he lived to 18, but they highly doubt it!
I stood there with tears in my eyes because this little baby, who seemed so happy , is in for a life full of hardtimes and his parents are in for a lifetime of heartache. The mother will ache knowing that she passed this gene on to her child! Hopefully she can come to understand that it's not her fault! (I really hope so).

I am a Catholic, though I'm not too religious. I rarely go to church. I mean I believe in God (I know everyone has thier own feelings), I believe in something, or I want to believe in something. But after seeing this sweet child and hearing about his problems really made me wonder about a "higher power". People say God does thing a for a reason, but there is NO reason for something like this.

I know there are many children born with this disease - hopefully soon someone will find a cure! Below I have posted the link to MDA Helping Jerry's Kids. Here you can learn more about this disease, volunteer or make donations: .

Thanks, I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!!

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