Saturday, April 12, 2008


Being a woman in a relationship I admit that sometimes us girls freak out over things that we probably should just leave alone. However, there are times where we deserve to be pissed! The BF and I have a GREAT relationship. He really is a great guy and we rarely ever fight! But sometimes he doesn't always word things to my liking I guess! Haven't men learned by now to rephrase the things that come out of their mouths? I recently read this great article about the 5 Things you should NEVER say to a woman.

Warning to Men: Some of these absolute no-no words and phrases seem so incredibly, that you may think we're kidding. We're not.

Forbidden Phrase #1: "Relax."

Forbidden Phrase #2: "I love you." (During a fight)

Forbidden Phrase #3: "It's up to you." (a.k.a. "Whatever you want to do is fine with me.")

Forbidden Phrase #4: "You knew I was this way when you married me."

Forbidden Phrase #5: (Nothing)

Instead, here are the 3 "STAY OUT OF TROUBLE" things to say to us:

#1 "Just tell me everything."

#2 You are just so beautiful."

#3 "Sorry. It was all my fault."

Women freak out, we all know that! Often at our boyfriends and husbands. Often for absolutley NO reason at all. Men say things that they consider totally nice, only to find that they've offended, enraged, or annoyed us. Their first problem -- being attracted to us women. We are sometimes a very weird group of people -- which is not going to go away. But there's a way to solve their problem: word choice. They just need to know the phrases that they should never use, then they need to strike them from their vocabulary and move forward.

What are some things, if any, that your boyfriend or husband says to really get you annoyed or aggravated?


Tipp said...

This is awesome and so true!

When I say something to Hubby and he doesn't agree he will just go, SHHHHH and I. HATE. THAT.

I am sharing your list!

Pam said...

Those were great. I think I will print it out and accidentally leave it on the table!

SaraLynn said...

LOL...this is great! My hubby is a very logical thinker (he's an accountant) and there are times he is too logical. I will be joking about something, or exaggerating and he will answer slowly and logically. For instance, "honey I don't want to save up for a new house. I would love to go to Europe" He will nod thoughtfully and proceed to explain (patiently) why this would not be beneficial to us. ARGH! I was kidding, or day dreaming...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post, it definitely applies to my day. When I'm grumpy or in a bad mood The Boy will say things like "well, just be in a good mood" or "Just smile, that will make you happy." UGH. I can't stand it!

Marni Tiani Self said...

That's hilarious and so true! My husband has actually gotten better at this stuff, so I can't complain too much. Though, I've chilled out quite a bit myself! :)

30 Minute Mommy said...

Pete is a whatever you want kinda guy! Drives me nutty. Other than that he is pretty quiet.

Christy said...

Whenever I get upset, my husband tells me to "clam down." AHHH! It makes me want to strangle him.

EP said...

So. True.

A few times when I have been upset about something, the boy will tell me that I knew it was going to happen eventually. Oh, it upsets me even more!

I should print these out for him. Haha!

Melanie said...

My hubby loves forbidden phrases #3 and #5. And whenever I ask his opinion about something, if he doesn't say #3 he says "I don't care."

Funny list!!
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Mommy Mechanics said...

Ha! Yeah mine is famous for "your freaking out, it's not a big deal" and even if you are you really don't need it pointed out to you. Also I am soooo calm he has never even seen "freak out" lol.