Thursday, March 12, 2009

Instant Gratification... I Think Not

Some of you may now and some of you may not but I'm the type of girl that likes to ask a question and get an answer right away!! I'm not about waiting, I'm not about beating around the bush. If I ask you a question I want an answer - if you ask me a question I'll give you answer..
That's why you can imagine that this whole real estate thing we're going through is driving me crazy! So crazy I'm losing sleep and getting tons of stress headaches, at least thats what I think they are from.
On Monday Brian and I put in an official signed contract on the condo we like. Then, that afternoon another condo (which happens to be in a lil nice condition) went on the market as well.
It makes me happy cause at least I know I have 2 places to negotiate on ya know. I'm just at a place where I want to know. These people from the first place are yaning our chain. I mean really, they have had their place on the market for over 6 months who's giving offers in this market? Not many people let me tell you!!!
So what we're going to do now is put an offer in on the other place and hope to play off of each other... I'm just hoping we get one of them, just comes down to who is going to give us the best deal!!! So much for my instant gratification!!!
I'll keep you posted!


Somewhere In Between said...

Good luck!! If you watch HGTV, it so gives you the wrong idea about real estate because all of the property owners seem to find out NEXT DAY! Which is definitely not the case. I hope it goes quickly for you.

a H.I.T. said...

Lucky you! Way to play out the market.

Danielle said...

keep us posted! Hope you get som gratification soon.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I am the same way. Thinking of you.

Not sure why that video wouldn't play for you the other day... come and try again, it's really cute!

Amanda. said...

Gah! Good luck with it all, love.
I hate when people just leave you hanging. So very frustrating. Can't wait to hear what happens.


Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Much luck your way - real estate is such a hassle. Seems like they want to make you squirm.

Auburn Kat said...

It is a difficult market and unfortunately some buyers can't accept the fact that the value of their property has depreciated.

Mama Smurf said... exciting! Painful, I'm sure, but soooooo exciting! Keep us posted!

Louise said...

Hopefully you hear something soon, can't wait to hear how it all turns out!!