Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Good Movie - MILK

So I was very interested in seeing Milk, especially since Sean Penn won the Oscar for Best Actor. It was sure it be a winner right?

So it is a bit of a relief to report that Milk is an outstanding film, a vibrant and intelligent recreation of a very particular time and place that throbs with heart and humor and (occasionally) real anger and anguish. It's not a perfect film, to be sure, but it is a powerful one, regardless of what happened in California in November.
Sean Penn stars as Harvey Milk, a closeted Republican insurance man who hit 40 and realized that he had done nothing in his life that he "could be proud of." With his young, supportive boyfriend (James Franco) in tow, Milk grew out his hair and moved to San Francisco, where he settled into the predominately gay area around the Castro theatre. From his camera store, Harvey observed the homophobia of area police and even his neighbors, and, before he realized it, had become something of a (pardon the parallel) "community organizer," earning the nickname of "the mayor of Castro Street."
I thought it was a pretty good movie and recommend seeing it! I love watching movies that were based on Real Life events and Real People.. And this was a good one! Check it out! Sean Penn really deserved the Oscar, he did a great job! Well done Mr. Penn.....
Have you seen any good movies lately I can add to my Netflix Queue?


Future Mom (Heather) said...

i am very surprised that you guys liked this movie. we were so excited to see it, because sean penn won the oscar & also because we love movies based on real stories too. we were very disappointed. i think ian was borderline leaving the room a few times when we were watching it. i thought the movie could have been done so much better...but i guess every movie isn't for everyone

the last few movies i saw weren't very good so i don't have any recommendations for you, sorry :)

Chelsea said...

Well now I know what I'm renting this weekend!

Love your blog! I linked you on my site! More people need to hear whatcha gotta say baby girl!

Danielle said...

I will have to check this one out.

Amandaaa said...


Hope it's awesome for you
and Brian. And now too stressful.
But lots of fun and play.

Can't wait to see pictures
of the new cozy place.