Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jason Mesnick, Not The Man I Thought

Dear Jason,

You are not the man I thought you were! I understand that you shouldn't be forced to marry someone you are not in love with. My question to you is why? Why did you propose after 6 weeks - you can't tell after six weeks?! And why did you have to publicly humiliate Melissa like that on TV. Come on man, I'm sure she was hurting enough, did you have to rub salt in her wounds? And too think I wrote such kind words about you when DeAnna dumped your booty...


The Girl That Used To Cheer You On

P.S. - Couldn't you have picked a nicer engagement ring?

Dear Melissa,

You are such an amazing and beautful girl! Know that you will one day find a more perfect match that won't break your heart. Remember, it's better finding out only after a few months then being married for a few years! And by the way, you're crazy for giving that ring back. He didn't even pay for it. If I were you I would have kept it, sold it, and done something great for myself with the money!!


The Girl That Hopes You Find Happiness

P.S.- I hope you're the next Bachelorette!!

Dear Molly,

What is wrong with you? Must be something wrong with you! No one just gets dumped, sits on it for 6 weeks and then takes the guy back the 1st time they see each other. I am sorry sweetheart but tat's a little pathetic and "crazy!" And trust me, I know crazy I work on a psych unit! And you've got it sister!


The Girl That Wishes You Had a Clue

Dear ABC,

Don't you remember what I wrote last time.

"Though I sooo love the Bachelor & Bachelorette isn't it about time to nix it? Be happy knowing one couple has made it! But you are setting up these people for failed public relationships where we all know it's not going to work and are just placing bets to see when it'll fizzle...."
The girl that loooves bad reality TV

Incase you missed Jason Mesnick on Jimmey Kimmel from Monday night here it is.. He explains why he did what he did. Even though I do see his point I am still disappointed in the man. I thought he had more class.


Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...

I never thought I'd see the day when another Bachelor could become EVEN MORE hated than Brad - the one that rejected ALL the girls, with no interested whatsoever in seeing ANY of them again.

But Jason did it.


Amanda. said...

Haha. Everyone has been heated
about this Bachelor situation.
I love it. I don't watch-but from
everyone's rants...I know what
want down.

You should send your letters to
ABC...they'd get a chuckle.

MarvelousMOM said...

I am just so irritated and upset. I feel awful for Melissa and I totally had Jason pegged all wrong. Whatever. Melissa clearly deserves better.

Amber said...

Totally stinks!! Even DH is not liking Jason anymore! And he referred to him as a cool cat, before!

Louise said...

OHhhhhhhhh I hear ya on this one girl, I was spitting bullets during that breakup scene...I mean the gall to do it on tv...sigh...
Well being a Canadian myself I am looking forward to the Bachlorette with Jillian hopefully it has a much better ending,
Someone who also LOVES bad reality tv!!

Gwen said...

I really wish I would have watched the Bachelor this season. I won't miss a single episode next time around. :)

EP said...

I'm really thankful that I am not a Bachelor fan since everyone has reacted this way. It's ridiculous! (I have weird hours, so it just didn't work out.)

Auburn Kat said...

You now my thoughts on this, the whole thing was just absolutely absurd. That poor confused boy of his...