Friday, April 24, 2009

And the answer is.....

So after some long talks and discussions...... And some more long talks and discussions we have come the conclusion that we want to get a little pup!! However, we do have different ideas on the breed! I would love to get a bull dog or a boxer but I feel that we may just not have enough room... And Brian really, really wants to get a Beagle... I think Bealges are cute, but am just afraid they howl too much. Anyone have experience with Beagles? Brian had a beagle when he was little and he looooved it and that's why he wants to get another one.. But my mom's petsitter said they can be a ton of work and like to run away and get out.

So the next couple of weeks I'm going to spend doing my homework.. We are going to begin to look, take a few trips to the shelters and visit some breeders. But we probably won't look to get one until June. Once the summer comes my work schedule completely slows down (gotta love being a teacher) and I will be able to spend time with the new puppy, get it acclamated and trained.. I figure the summer is a perfect time for getting a puppy, especially now that we are living on the beach. I can take it for walks and runs all along the boardwalk.. And Brian and I are truly homebodies, we love being home and like I said before, now that we have a beautiful new house it's more of a reason to be around. And besides, I'm sure none of my friends would mind if we brought it over for a visit if we went to hang out. And my mom said she would watch it for me if we went away, Im sure a bunch of people would.

But I will keep you posted and let you know what we come across.. But most of all thanks for all of your thoughts, ideas, and info from my post yersterday! You all really helped me and I truly appreicate it!!!!!!

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Future Mom (Heather) said...

Did you want a miniature one or a regular size? Waiting until you are off from work is a great idea! My aunt has had a few beagles I will see what info I can get from her to pass along.

EP said...

Aww, fun! How exciting for y'all!

Something that you might want to consider is getting a pet from a shelter. You can find the breeds you like (or a combination of them), and I have never met a person who didn't have a wonderful shelter dog. Some shelters even do a personality test thing with owners so they can write down things they want in a dog, their level of activity, etc., and then they match you with some of the dogs in the shelter.

Keep us updated!

Christina said...

YAY! Puppies!

What a tough decision though. I've never had any experience with Beagles.... Sorry.

Steph said...

YAY!! I didn't get to weigh in, but yes I could not imagine my life without my dogs. (Without my cat however, is a completely different story. yuck.) I think picking a breed is a very important part of the process, but it's also so much fun. Not sure how concerned you are with shedding. I HATE pet hair (hence why I hate the cat), and so I specifically chose low to no shed dogs. Not sure how much a beagle sheds, but something to think about.

Either way this is a super fun and exciting process and I'm so happy for you!

Amandaaa said...

yayyy for the decision on getting
a pup! i'm excited for you.
picking the little monster out
is going to be so much fun!

that picture is just the cutest.
i have a maltipoo. (maltese and poodle mix) she rocks. doesn't shed. doesn't howl. doesn't bite. doesn't run away. (well sometimes...)

there are SO MANY fun breeds out
there. puggles are adorable.

happy weekend, love!

Tracy said...

My neighbors had a beagle and the dog was a complete nut. This is my only experience so I'm not sure if that is typical of the breead or just this particular dog. I'm partial to Cavalier King Charles. We have our second and my parents have his brother. So sweet. Feel free to come meet them anytime if you want to learn more about the breed.

Tipp said...

OMG. It looks like Lily when she was a baby!

I LOVE DOGS! I am with EP who says go with a shelter dog! Honestly, I can tell a HUGE difference in Lily who came from a private home and Ellie, who was a rescue. (Lily was SO Hard to housebreak, Ellie came to us housebroken) Just go and look with an open heart. I KNOW the right one will find you!

Heather said...

If your husband wants a beagle and you like boxers, I would recommend a puggle (beagle pug mix). I have one and everyone always thinks he's a mini boxer. He's still energetic but not as crazy as a beagle because the pug in him is kind of lazy. He's great with kids and not very big. Here's the link to the official puggle website, they're adorable, mostly.

Shoebee said...

I hava a beagle and he only howls when he is hungry or thirsty. He isn't that much work, but is not an indoor dog. They need to run! Always keep in mind that beagles are hunting dogs. They were breed for that purpose, and they need to run. If they get loose, they will run and run and follow sents. That is their nature. My beagle is a 15in male and it is all I can do to hold onto him. He is strong.

HappyMedium said...

I have an adorable Beagle! and he does NOT howl, and barely ever barks. He is a great family dog, loves my kid and my cat.

He constantly sniffs everyone and everything, though. So you will constantly think he is looking for a place to potty!

You can see video and photos of him on my website: