Thursday, April 16, 2009

My New Favorite Show

Call me crazy, lol.... But I am lovin this new Show on Showtime

The United States of Tara!! Since Brian and I have moved we now how all of the awesome channels Comcast Cable has to offer... And with all of those great channels comes On Demand. I had really, really wanted to start watching this show when it first came out but we didn't have Showtime then. So recently I have been catchin up with the shows and I'm loving it. Part of me was very interested since I have started working in the Psych Unit of the hospital with children. If you didn't know The US of Tara is a show about Tara Gregson a wife and mother with multiple personalities. After deciding to take a break from her medication to discover the real cause of her disorder, her alternate personalties re-emerge: wild and flirty teenager T; old-fashioned housewife Alice; and male, loud, beer-drinking Vietnam Buck. Tara is supported by her calm and level-headed husband Max, her somewhat troubled teenage daughter Kate and quirky, good-hearted son Marshall. Her sister, Charmaine, is not so supportive, often expressing her doubt about the validity of Tara's disorder. The show is soo funny and I love it! It is also produced by Steven Spielberg so you know it's a quality show!!!! If you haven't checked it out yet you should!! And lucky for me Showtime renewed it for a second season! So there will be much to look forward.. I can't wait to see what one of the multiples will do next!!!


La Petite Belle said...

I can't believe I have never heard of this show before!

Kerry said...

sounds funny,trust it not to be on new favourite shows are
Southland with the kid Ryan from O.C in it and
The Beast with Patrick Swayze and some hot other guy.check those out too there on A&E on Thurs @ 10pm

Anonymous said...

I love this show!! Me and my boyfriend watch it on demand too. So fun!