Wednesday, April 22, 2009

what Do You Think?

Have you heard about all this controversary regarding Miss California and her question from Perez Hilton about Gay Marriage?
Watch and tell me your thoughts.

The competition did come down between Miss North Carolina and Miss California. Some people are saying her answer is what cost her the Miss USA title.. What do you think?




Future Mom (Heather) said...

I didn't watch the pageant but I heard all about it...I'm wondering is miss usa really that political that the gay marriage issue would determine if someone wins or not? Most likely it's not but perez hilton sure was twittering a bunch of crap about miss california which will probably make a lot more people dislike her!!!! Whatever happens with the gay marriage issue, whether it is made legal or not I definitely feel that same sex couples should have the right to the same rules as far as adoption, insurance, etc that all married couples get.

Andrea said...

i think it's ridiculous! Miss CA, I think was a little caught off guard by the question, but she answered the question the best to her ability and is allowed her own convictions and opinions, as is everyone else. As a former pageant title holder, judge and current director of a local pageant I feel like Perez's question was a little off base as a judge. When judging you can't let your own personal thoughts/feelings into that judging process. I think it was a little unfair for him to ask such a question during that judging process. As a judge you can't let your own choices and life stlye take over in judging someone else. Everyone needs to just get over it, and stop focusing so much attention in MISS Ca, and more on Miss NC who actually won, and deserve the press and attention!!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

I don't agree with her, but I don't see how that question was pertinent to the Miss USA title. I'm guessing it was meant to cause an uproar, which it did, giving the pageant more publicity.

Christina said...

I think most of the questions were a little more difficult than usual this year. Not as simple as "Feed the hungry, Clothe the poor, or Spread World Peace" anymore. Do I think her answer hurt her, most definately, but I won't say that is what actually made her lose.

a H.I.T. said...

I think it's crazy that someone is booed for their beliefs - regardless of what they are. Aren't we done with the dark ages?

Steph said...

I'm pretty shocked that she wasn't more prepared for the question. She is from California after all. I think she definitely did a horrible job answering, regardless of her religious beliefs. I know she feels she stood up for her own personal beliefs, but I have some beliefs that I would never broadcast on national television because I know that it might offend others. Miss USA should be gracious and I don't think her answer portrayed that at all. But I do agree with someone above, I wish she wasn't getting the media attention she is; it just shows that she's a sore loser taking the attention away from Miss USA. I think she needs to stop appearing on shows and capitalizing on this. Just another reason it's good she didn't win.

Amandaaa said...

She was honest. She knows what
they wanted, she didn't give
it to them. Perez clearly disagreed.

If she doesn't feel it's right,
why go on national TV and say
otherwise? That's foolish. I give
the chick credit for standing by
what SHE believes...and not what
the public or the gay community would want her to say. She thinks marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman. So do A LOT of people. That does not,
by any means, make her or anyone
who feels that way a bad person.

Katelin said...

i think she could have answered her question a different way and still maintained her opinions. she just didn't express it well.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I think she certainly could've expressed her views in a more eloquent way - or could have answered in a way that didn't appear vague but still didn't make her look like a bigoted idiot.

That said, I;m glad she didn't get the crown, & yes, I believe it was because of her answer. If Miss America is just one of the many places where we tell our fellow citizens that it is NOT okay to deny rights to other human beings, then so be it. Frankly, I'm tired of people calling it a political issue - it's an issue of human decency. If Miss America had said she didn't think black people should be allowed to marry white people, we wouldn't have given her a title or our respect - why should this answer be any different?

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Yeah, I think it probably did weigh in on her chances at the title. Most of the judges are famous and therefore support equality. I'm surprised she said that to a clearly gay man! I do support gay rights so I didn't like her answer either. But regardless, GO NORTH CAROLINA!