Tuesday, April 14, 2009


OK... so i came home yesterday and turned on my laptop to see a white line down the middle of my screen. I rebooted the computer just thinking it was a glitched in something... But no!! It's not... Now I've got this white line through the exact middle of the screen and I don't know what to do.. My warranty has run out so I don't even know where to bring it? Any ideas or suggestions of what to do or what it could be?
PS- the new coffee maker is amazing!!


La Petite Belle said...

not a clue- sorry I can't help with that. But yay on the coffee maker!

Kerry said...

try the geek squad at Best Buy,maybe they can tell u something

EP said...

Uh oh! That's not good at all.

That happened to me like, two years ago. I sent my computer back to Apple, and they had to replace the screen. Basically, it was a line of pixels (or something similar) that stopped working. *shrugs* It was a pretty easy fix, but I still had a warranty on my computer then. :/

Maybe the guys at Best Buy can help you out? And if nothing else, at least your coffee maker is awesome...

Anonymous said...

Totally wish I could help ya out!

Amandaaa said...

Ah! Dana...terrible. I wish I
had some great advice on what
to do, but I don't have the
slightest. I'd be so sad.


I hope you get that white line
taken care of. There has got to be
SOMEONE that can fix it!