Friday, April 3, 2009

Settling In and A Slip of the Knife

Hello All!! I will say that the move is going well, and Brian and I are settling in nice. Today I had to go to work so my lovely boyfriend stayed home to finish unpacking more stuff and to wait for the Cable People and the Gas People. I will say that I am so totally excited that we now have DVR! Come on people, this is a HUGE deal for me. It's the 1st time I've ever had DVR and I can't wait to tape all of the shows I wanted to stay up for but was too tired. Or tape all of the shows that I wanted to watch but we had to go out. Or tape all of the good talk shows like ellen and Oprah that I want to watch but miss cause I'm working. Or tape all of the girlie shows I love and Brian dislikes!! Woo-Hoo for DVR!! Let me know so good shows I should add on, lol!!
We did have a little accident while moving. Or let me say I had a little accident. Little ole impatient me! Brian decided a while back to vurn a candle and to use one of my good plates to put the candle on. So when we were cleaning up our old place yesterday afternoon I was a little upset thinking the plate was ruined. He told me to run hot water on the candle and plate and it would peel right off.. So I ran the water on the plate and candle for a good 5 minutes when I noticed the wax starting to peel right up and off.. I grabbed the candle to see that the entire base was still stuck. So what do I do? I reached for the largest knife we have, which happened to be the only knife left in our old place, and I started digging the knife underneath the candle to try and pry it up when SLIP, the knife cut right through the tip of my thumb and right through the crease of my index finger... And all I have to say is OUCH!!!!! I cried, like I've never cried and felt so woosie at the sight of all the blood!! And to boot, we had NO bandaids, that's right NO bandaids cause I had already
packed everything up... Good job Dana!!!
I'm a little better today, though my finger is so completely swollen and my entire left hand is sore. One of the doctors at work looked at it today and told me it didin't look good and that if the swelling doesn't go down to get it looked at! So we'll see... I'll keep you posted..
This weekend Brian and I are going to make a few trips to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and to Home Depot, and to buy curtains/sheers for the windows so I will start to take pictures to show you our new place... You will for sure L.O.V.E. the view... I can hardly believe that while I'm sitting on the couch I can turn around and see the crashing waves of the and when I'm sleeping I feel the cool ocean breeze.. I will say that I am one lucky girl.... And my commute to work is only 30 seconds by car... I'm a really lucky girl!!!!!


Mili said...

I'm soooo happy for you n a wee bit J too.
njoy the view :)

thatShortChick said...

DVR is the greatest invention of the 21st century.

my advice? record EVERYTHING!

Amanda-The Family News! said...

I can't wait to see pics...we have been in the moving process too and WOW is all I can say. I hate moving! We are in, but still unpacking some things...
And I would love to have a ocean breeze...My Brian had the door open last night (we have one to the back that's in our bedroom) and it felt nice - I just closed my eyes and imagined the beach breeze!! :)
And I don't have DVR - I NEED it though...

Shoebee said...

Can never be too cautions with your hand. Make sure you keep it real clean, and probably not a bad idea to have it looked at. Watch out for reddness...
Sorry, the nurse in me coming out.
I'm jealous about the beach!

Amandaaa said... of my BIGGEST obsessions.
Have fun with it. As if I have to tell you to have fun with it.

So happy to hear everything with
the move is going great! Can't wait
until it's all ready for pictures so I can seeeee.

Mama Smurf said...

Happy new home!!



my love bug kids said...

congrats on the new place & the DVR. I couldn't live w/o mine. hope your wounds heal quickly.

I have a new blog. check it out.

(jen at work)

Auburn Kat said...

Ouch! That sounds awful! I've sliced my finger before and it freaked me out!!!

Glad to hear the move is going good!

Katelin said...

yay for dvr! and nay for knife injuries, yikes. hope your thumb is better and the moving finished up well :)

Louise said...

Your new place sounds AMAZING!! I am a tad jealous all I see when I look out my window is SNOW!! ICK!!
Hope your finger is better :)