Saturday, June 7, 2008

Healthy Foods

8 Foods You Should Eat Every Day!
Why: Sexual enhancement, Muscle growth, Heart healthy, Bone builder, Enhances eyesight
Why: Cancer fighter, Bone builder, Boosts immunity
Cancer fighter, Heart healthy, Boosts immunity
Cancer fighter, Boosts immunity, Enhances eyesight
Brain stimulant, Cancer fighter, Heart healthy,
Boosts immunity
Black Beans
Muscle growth, Brain stimulant, Heart healthy
Muscle growth, Brain stimulant, Cancer fighter, Heart healthy, Boosts immunity
Muscle growth, Brain stimulant, Heart healthy
I love almost all of the things on this list!! And I actually eat most of them every week...
I LOVE black beans and tomatoes, especially cooked together!! But, YUCK I don't like walnuts... WooHoo for spinach - a sexual enhancement!!
Any of your favorites on this list?


Andrea said...

Interesting! I eat yougart every at least I've got one of those in my diet every day! hehe. :)

Auburn Kat said...

I love spinach, rice and chicken mixed together!

Momma On The Go said...

Thanks! These are actually foods that are regularly in my diet but not exactly everyday. I checked out Old Navy. That's actually where I buy most of my stuff 'casue it doesn't make me feel too pregnant. Anyway I tried on one dress w/ a Hawain Flower print there and I felt like some Bahama Momma beached whale (not one for huge prints). I did see one on their website that I'll probably end up buying I just hope it is as cute on as it is on the site!

Pam said...

I need to eat spinach! (for the eyesight....stop thinking dirty!) ;)

Mamarazzi said...

mmmm i love spinach and everything else on the list EXCEPT walnuts. i am deathly allergic to walnuts. all other nuts are fine but walnuts will KILL me...dead.

i eat yogurt everyday. seriously my morning would not be complete without it!

Jordan has just discovered a LOVE for blueberries, which is awesome since as you may recall i have issues cutting apples.

Tipp said...

Yeah for spinach I love it, and now I will love it even more!!!

Mommy Mechanics said...

I love all of them but I'm with you on the walnuts yuck!