Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rattled & Shaken

I can still honestly say that I am still rattled & shaken from last night's season finale where Deanna Pappas picked the snowboarder Jesse to be her husband!! I should have known that she would have gone in that direction!

I always pick the runner up! That's probably because I always pick the nice, safe guy!

I still can't believe she picked Jesse!

I just don't see it! I don't think I could live with the "totally rad's" "awesomes" and "give me a Nug" all of the time! He seems like such a, such a loser!! Sorry to all of you that liked Jesse.. My 1st impression of Jesse when he stepped out of that limo was that he was going home that night! He looked like such a dork in his black, hot pink, green, and blue jacket while wearing jeans.. Come on guy, dress it up a little bit.. Not only are you going to be on TV but you're meeting a beautiful woman. I don't mean to sound judgemental, because I know that looks aren't everything! But, he didn't seem to bright either.... I personally think she set her self up to be brought down! I don't see them as a well suited couple!

I thought Jason was such a sweet guy!

I mean he's not a model type guy! But very, very cute and his personality made him so much more attractive! He was the sweet, caring guy who really fell in love with Deanna.. He was the sure thing! I just can't see Jesse settling down with Deanna for ever.. Maybe for "now"! But not forever! The 26 year old snowboarder didn't seem sincere with his words!

What bothered me the most was the "After the Final Rose" show! They made Jason relive his heart-wrenching break-up over and over! They just kept kicking him while he was down! Not only that, but Deanna just didn't seem herself when they brought Jesse out! I watched the entire season and the girl I saw sitting on the couch last night was not the girl I knew and loved throughtout the show! But who knows... It' s not my life - it's just my opinion! Can you tell I'm mad? LOL!! I feel like such a loser for talking about a TV Show.. But Brian hates reality TV and I can't talk to him about these people I don't even know!

I haven't decided if I'll watch another season! What a big let down this time around!


And all Deanna could say when it was over?! “I can’t believe I picked the guy with the pink shoelaces!”

And Tipp said it right - "We can’t either girl, we can’t either."


Tipp said...

During the last part of the After the Show show she just kept saying, "If" and "we'll see" about a wedding. Her sister looked pissed!

She has dug her own grave!!

I am still so mad too!!

La Petite Belle said...

im kinda glad she didn't pick him, because i think he deserves better. sorry but thats what i think LOL he deserved someone like me, except im married so maybe in my next life?

Danielle said...

You guys are too funny! The snowboarder dude kind of grew on me. She shit on the other guy- she led him on and it wasn't fair. He will do better- there are a zillion girls who want him now. She did him a favor.

Amber said...

Dana, I'm totally with you! Yes Jason is male model type...he's HOT and he had a great smile!

I missed last week and was shocked to hear that Jeremy went home...I really thought she was going for him.

I also thought that Jesse was going home early on, too...he looked like he belonged in an episode of Punky Brewster!!

Auburn Kat said...

I agree! I was completely shocked that she didn't pick Jason. I also really, really like Jeremy! I thought Jesse would be gone the first week too!

The Pettigrew's said...

I am with you for sure. I have watched everyone of them. I really like Deanna from the last show but last night she was different. I guess TV is TV, huh. I think her whole family was was not happy with it. I just wanted to say Jason here I am pick me!!!

classy & fabulous said...

I dont watch the show so I was soo confused reading this post haha :)

EP said...

I don't watch the show at all, but Jason is TOTALLY cuter than Jesse. Like, WAY cuter.

Mecca said...

Even though I was in Hawaii on vacy (6 hours behind) I made sure to find out when the Bachelorette was gonna be on so I could see the finale. I too am in complete & utter shock. And I thought the After the Show stuff was just so fake and over the top...she was just tooooo giddy. Maybe I'm just a hater, but I wasn't feeling it.

Rebecka said...

Yes, I liked Jason too. I thought he was cute too. And she said she didn't mean to hurt him? What the hell. You're gonna hurt someone. And then when she re-watched it on the After the Final Rose, she said she didn't realize it was that bad. But she said that her and Jesse will be close friends with Jason? I couldn't be someones friend after that.
I'm sure he will find someone much better.
And she definately didn't seem herself. Seriously. It was oh hunny. and then a freakin kiss. and then again, oh hunny. and a freakin kiss. ick. get a room.
But it did help him, he said it taught him that he can love again.
And it is hard trying to find someone that you can truly love when you already have kids.