Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Different Me!

So i really think I need to change my way of thinking and the way I act.
I'm going to rant for a quick minute so stay with me.
I like to think I'm a really nice person. I have a HUGE heart, I'm caring towards others, Infact I tend to put everyone else before myself. And I think that's where my problem starts.
I'm a pleaser and I love to do things for others. But i start to get upset because people don't really ever seem to return the favors. I mean i don't expect people to do anything for me I guess it would just be nice every now and then for someone to think about me the way i think about them. I don't look for big things just the simple things!!! The simple things sometimes make all the difference in the world.
Maybe I'm feeling a little sad today, a little stressed, a little out of it... I don't know why!! I'm missing something but i can't quite put my finger on it... Anyway i hope I figure it out soon or I'm going to be washing a lot of wine glasses. Red wine usually solves the problem, no it usually makes it feel better, at least for the night!!


Barefoot Mommies said...

I totally understand what you mean! Seems like this past month has been one heck of a ride for me and I'm still waiting to see who's finished doing their walking on me.
Hope you feel better tho!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Been there. Hang in girlie, things look up. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? RIGHT?!?!

La Petite Belle said...

awwww, i hope you feel better soon. sorry you're feeling down.

Michele said...

Dana - I know exactly what you mean. I've learned that people will usually disappoint us. I get so upset because I'm always inviting people to my home for dinner and parties, etc. They come we have a great time, I bust my ass cooking and cleaning and making everything wonderful and most of them never return the invitation. So those people who don't I decided we'll only go out with on neutral ground and just go out to dinner. . I don't want to get rid of them as friends but I don't want to slave away for people who never reciprocate.

I hope you can find a way to feel better!

Auburn Kat said...

I know exactly how you feel!

I recently did a little experiment with some of my friends..I didn't email, call or text any of them for a week because I wanted to see if anyone would reach out to me. I'm usually the one having to initiate everything. I wasn't surprised that not one person go in contact with me. It was definitely an eye opener to the fact that I need new friends...

beth said...

Nice blog. Enjoyed going through it. keep it up the good work.