Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Good Day

Yesterday was like the perfect day!
Brian and I spent the day together just relaxing and enjoying each other.
We went for a bunch of rides on the Harley cause the weatehr was just amazing... The breeze coming off the Ocean was just awesome... So we played around and went for a few trips around town, crusin up and the down the streets..
We also relaxed ont he beach for a little bit and tried working on our tans. We all know we needed to do this cause the rain has truly put a damper on the tanning this summer, lol!
We also BBQ'd, played with Lola, took her for a nice walk, and watched Fireworks..
The Fireworks were awesome. AND the best part was that we didn't need to go anywhere but our front lawn. So we took the pup out and the 3 of us sat cuddled together and enjoyed the 4th of July Celebrations... And when they were over we were lucky enough to walk right inside while others sat in traffic for an hour or so...

So I am hoping today's going to be another awesome day! The weather is perfect and I'm ready to enjoy this beachfront living!! Hell, I deerve it - we don't work hard for nothing!!

I hope everyone had a great, Happy & Healthy 4th of July!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Auburn Kat said...

Seriously, I'm so jealous you live at the beach!!!

La Petite Belle said...

this sounds like heaven! i'm glad you guys had a great 4th.