Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Show - Nurse Jackie

Have you seen the new show Nurse Jackie on HBO?
I've been watching them OnDemand as they come on and I am really liking it. I wouldn't say I love the show but I'm really digging it!! I always liked Edie Falco when she was in The Sopranos so i figured I'd give this show a try. Besides, I love watching DVR'd or OnDemand shows because I can watch them at my own pace. I really love getting up early with Lola, making a cup of coffee, and cuddle with her as I watch my shows!!
What is it with me and ER/Hospital dramas? I just love 'em!
Here is a little bit abour Nurse Jackie:
Nurse Jackie Peyton is far from ordinary. As an ER nurse, she navigates the rough waters of a crumbling healthcare system, doing everything she can to provide her patients with the best care possible. Whether she’s lighting into a smug doctor for failing to heed her advice, or stealing a fat money clip from a man who stabbed a prostitute and giving it to a pregnant widow, or forging the organ donor card of a man who just died, Jackie Peyton is compelled to make sense of the chaos and to level the playing field whenever she can. Right or wrong, it’s Jackie’s brand of justice all made that more manageable by a daily diet of prescription pain medication.

Check it out on Showtime, Monday Nights @ 10:30.... It's pretty good!


Anonymous said...

love this show too, so good

thatShortChick said...

I just did a marathon of Nurse Jackie this past week and I LOVE it!!! I love all of the's truly a well-written and cast series.