Tuesday, July 21, 2009


FYI I got the Blackberry Storm and it is amazing!! I love it!!! I was due to upgrade and with my Blackberry Pearl on the fritz I decided to go for it.. For all of you that say it is hard to use you've never tried it, it;s easy, lol!!!
I know it's a short post but i need to figure out all the new stuff on this phone!!


Chelsea said...

I have one and it is fantastic! Just takes some getting used to. You have to get in the groove. Seems like you already have tamed the beast!

Luke's All Natural Pet Food said...

We use Blackberry Bolds, I also must admit, I think the iPhone is a much better product.

But, one of the cool things about the Blackberry is that there is a lot of hidden functionality. Some quick short cut keys that make things so much easier and nicer.

Here's a few places to find some of the shortcuts at.

Shortcuts #1
Shortcuts #2