Friday, July 10, 2009

TGI The Weekend.. Almost..

I'm sooooooo happy it's Friday and that the weekend is almost here...Brian has been so busy and we've been on different schedules this week that we really have spent much time together. So tonight and the entire weekend we can spend some quality time together and just relax.

Saturday Plans

Go to the beach, go for a ride on the Harley (weather permitting), attend a 1st B-day Party, Have dinner & drinks with good friends.

Sunday Plans

Going to the beach, and RELAX ALL DAY LONG.

I am sooo happy we have no plans for Sunday. I love days when we can just relax. Since we are living right on the beach we can go back and forth.. Brian and I don't like staying at the beach alllll day long. We both get bored so we do like an hour at a time. Which is good especially since we got Lola. We go back and forth, take her out, get some lunch, have a few drinks. It really is a good situation and so conveniant especially since beach parking is always crazy!!

What about you? Any big plans this weekend?

Whatever you do I hope it's a good one! ENJOY :)


Katelin said...

sounds like a perfect weekend. have a great time!!

EP said...

Your weekend sounds absolutely lovely, and can I just say that I'm jealous you live next to the beach? Because that's amazing.

I hope you're having a fantastic time!

LiLu said...

That sounds like the PERFECT weekend. Hope it went just like that! ;-)