Thursday, December 3, 2009

Approaching the big 3 - 0

In a few months I am going to be thirty. There, i said it. I said it and I got it out of the way. This is something that I have been struggling alot with lately!! When I turned 29 I had a little bit of a meltdown becuase I couldn't believe I finally hit the last year in my 20's!! and that was a BIG deal to me!! I called it my early life crisis....I just always figured I'd be alot further along in my life then where I am now.. I thought I'd be in a better job making a TON of money(but don't we all?), I thought I'd be married, and have atleast 1 kid.

But as I stop and think about it I am really happy!! I have a great home on the beach, wonderful friends, a great family, a beautiful puppy, and an amazing man that loves me with all of his heart!! What more could a girl ask for? I think about it and have come to see that I am very lucky, luckier then some people and I should be very thankful for that!!

As I stop and think about turning 3o in March and I think about all the good things I have to look forward to and I smile!! I smile because I know that my 30th Birthday is going to kick off the rest of my life and happiness I have to look forward to... Brian and I have been talking more and more about getting engaged which is very exciting for me.. My 30's are hopefully going to bring me an engagement, a marriage, kids, and continued happiness!!

So I need to stop look at 30 as being old, I need to stop looking back at my 20's and being sad about everything I did and had. I need to focus on my 30's and all the good things I have to look forward to - cause I certainly have a ton to look forward to and that makes me happy and excitied!!


Mili said...

u'v addressed my fears so beautifully. i'v turned 29 in nov. n i'm feeling all the same things that u were feeling last year.

but u'r optimistic attitude towards turning 30 has brighten my day.

hope tht u'r 30s go just as u wished :)

Kristen said...

I love it! Great attitude!
Also great to have you back to blogging!!

Katelin said...

love your attitude and seriously, birthdays are awesome no matter how old you're turning! yay birthdays! :)

thatShortChick said...

sounds like your thirties are going to be major!! glad you're back in the bloggy swing of things :)

Danielle said...

30 is the new 20! It doesn't bother me at all- talk to me when I turn 50