Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Black & White Cookie Controversy

Yesterday after I got out of work I headed right to the foodstore. I've been needing to go ever since we got back from vacation last week. I had a medium size list so I grabbed a cart and went on my way. I picked up some fresh salad and veggies and some nice Gala Apples. After that I made my way to the Bakery Section to pick up some Black & White Mini Cookies for Brian.

After that I went to get some Italian Salad dressing cause we were all out. So as I made my way I noticed a couple(in their mid to late 30's) blocking the entrance to the aisle. So I politely waited as I browsed the seafood section to see if there was anything I was interested in. As I saw them move out of the way I reached for my dressing as the MAN said, "excuse me, where did you get those cookies? They look awesome!" I replied, (not really even paying attention as I tried to pick which dressing I really wanted) "you can find them in the corner of the bakery all the way in the back." And those were the only words exchanged. It was a 5 second conversation and that's it. After, he went on his way!!!

At this point his wife or girlfriend was half way down the aisle. After I picked out my dressing I continued down the aisle so i could get pickles. Once again the WOMAN was blocking the enitre aisle cart on one side and some sort of display on the other. I politely said excuse me and got a response that I never thought I would have gotten.

The WOMAN turned around and said, Fu*k you, I'm not moving for you bitch, you can go the Fu*k around the other aisle if you want to get by!!
I KID YOU NOT!!!!! I thought I was crazy and that my ears were playing a trick on me so I said "excuse me!!!!" She said, "you heard me bitch! You can go the Fu*k around if you want to get by!"

So, as she moved away from her cart to get something I slammed my shopping cart right in to hers to move it out of the way!! What a scene, LOL... Maybe it wasn't the right way to handle the situation, but I figured it was better then slapping her in the face which is what i really, really wanted to do! My blood was boiling, my blood pressure must have been through the roof!!! She was so shocked I slammed her cart, but hey I got around her!!

As I started to calm down I made my way a few aisles down! Now, I was stopped in the baking aisle when the WOMAN must have not recognized me from behind because I heard, "excuse me can I just grab something by?" As I turned around she saw it was me and said, "Oh Shit" I guess I'm going to have to wait now, huh?!?" Her boyrfriend started in saying stuff like how I shouldn't move for her because she was a bitch to me and so on and so on...... So i planted myself in that spot and didn't budge until I was done!!! It was seriously something you'd see in a movie!!

I mean do real people really act like that??? I was so embarrassed for her.. I mean what a low class thing to do.
Now, my feeling is that I'm guessing she was mad that her boyfriend, husband, or whatever he was asked me about the cookies and made small talk...Right? I mean what else could it have been??

The rest of my shopping experience was met with awful stares and nasty remarks.. I just ignored them and finished up!!!
It's always something isn't it?


Lori said...

wow that was... well interesting

hope they were really good cookies

Pam said...

what a crazy trip to the grocery store- hope Brian really enjoy his cookies since they caused you so much grief :)

Tipp said...

WHOA. I would have gotten a manager or something, well, after I completely knocked her out. I think you showed great restraint. For real.

People are RIDICULOUS.

Jessica said...

Wowwww! That's absolutely crazy. Where do you live? lol...Some people are so ridiculous.

EP said...

I'm embarassed for her, too. There is no excuse to act like that at all. Ever. Especially in a grocery store.

Was it the cookies that set her off or what?

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh that is such a funny story! I can't believe someone would do something like that!! If she is worried about her husband asking about cookies from a stranger, she has bigger problems.

I'm glad you pushed her cart out of the way...that's what I would have done!

Giovanna Diaries said...

Wow! I'm stunned. I can't believe she said that. And as for your reaction....I think I would have done the same exact thing except maybe quietly stalk her and wait until she wasn't looking and throw some random items in her cart.

Future Mom (Heather) said...

i would have thought you were being punked or something...what a random and crazy thing to happen. did the store get it on tape i would love to see it LOL

anyway you're reaction was awesome! i never could have done that...i probably would have left the store. it seems that this couple is completely dysfunctional too.

hopefully you don't see them in the store ever again!!

Lily said...

oh my god! awful! I've been caught in that moment before, kind of indirectly and as a road rage incident instead. I was trying to merge into downtown off of the freeway and was stopped (trying to merge) because the car ahead of me was stopped. The guy two cars behind me, once I was finally able to merge over, FLEW around my passenger side to continue straight ahead of me, honking his horn and flipping me off! I was so stunned that I kind of just stared back before shrugging my shoulders, like WTF was I supposed to do!? I couldn't move either! And once I settled down I fought the urge to follow that stupid car and ram it into a lightpost somewhere. PEOPLE!

cathy said...

WOW. my mouth is wide open in disbelief! the nerve of some people! good for u for sticking to ur guns :0)

Rebecka said...

Omg.. I would have just stood there and stared at her. That is horrible. But see, I would have just slapped her and said bitch, get out of the way.

Actually, I wouldn't have slapped her.. but I would have imagined slapping her..
But, I would have said bitch, get out of my way before I run you over.

I hope he enjoyed his cookies.

thatShortChick said...

wow. was this at a shoprite? i think my mom had something similar like this happen to her at a shoprite.

some people.

<3 said...

Hey I tagged you on my blog
in Candy Cane Questions
and have a great day :)

<3 Meghan

Mmmm cookies :)

Christy said...

That is the strangest story I have ever heard. How rude!

Auburn Kat said...

Wow! That's insane! Good for you for knocking her cart like that!!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Interesting stuf... I keep seeing your pic of the cookies in my blogroll and it's wanting me to BLOW my diet on junk. hehe.

Tess said...

Wow! I can't believe some people these days. I miss the time when people were more friendly to one another and Im glad you didnt put up with it either.Maybe she'll see this some how and see how ridiculous she was. Now, you'll think of this woman every time you get those cookies-lol!

Missy said...

Seriously?? I don't know what I would have done... maybe laughed, because that is such an absurd thing to happen in a grocery store of all places! WOW...
good for you for slamming your cart into hers! lol

sequined said...

That is the craziest grocery store story I have ever, ever heard. I can't believe that happened!

Danielle said...

what a BIOTCH!

Louise said...

That is just crazy..the nerve of some people SHOCKS me!!
Yikers :)
Hugs friend!

Steph said...

This is the craziest grocery store story EVER! How crazy of that lady?! haha