Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday To Do List

I have a very busy morning ahead of me. Check it out:

~Make the bed
~Put away clean laundry
~Wash the dishes
~Clean the bathroom
~Go to the bank
~Go to the foodstore
~Go to the post office
~Donate toys for Toys for Toys
~Drop off a Christmas present
~Make a spinach & artichoke dip & salad for my Christmas party w/ friends tonight

And be done, showered, dressed, and ready for 1:45 pm....And I was wondering why I was up at 6:30 am on a saturday morning.. Hmmmmm..
What do you have on your agenda today?


Lori said...

I was up before 6:30 and the only thing on my list is shopping at BJ's guess that's what happens once you have itty bitties!

hope you have fun at your party today

Tess said...

I had the grandbaby last night, so I was up at 6am-yikes!
I have to do more christmas shopping.
I have to pay bills.
I have to go to my daughter's house and get all the baby's dirty clothes and wash them-haha.
I have to clean.
I have to color my hair-stress brings gray hair!
I have to sit down with some hot chocolate and put my feet up and watch some christmas movies!
(hopefully I get to do that "to do thing"-lol)

Auburn Kat said...

Oh my you have a busy day! I need to finish my Christmas shopping, hope that I don't get stuck in the road from all of the snow we have had, go grocery shopping...too many things to name!

thatShortChick said...

my saturday will be spent taming the wild beasts aka customers who will be attacking the store I work in.

have fun with your party!

Hip Mom's Guide said...

Well, I didn't make the bed or do any laundry today, but I did take the kids sledding and enjoy hot buttered rum with a friend. Not all bad!

Mama Smurf said...

Well, my day is done now but I managed to:
clean my house.

Take each of my sons seperately to the store so they could get little gifts for each of the other family members.

Delivered gifts to the family we sponsored.

Brought boys to gymnastics.

Stopped at Costco.

Stopped at book store.

The end! Have a fun time at your Christmas party!

Andrea said...

Yikes! Good luck with that list! :)

HG @ making lemonade said...

i love making lists! hope you got everything done girl!