Saturday, December 13, 2008

My To Do List

Here is my To Do List for today:
~Go back to Banana Republic to have a sensor removed from a pair of jeans I bought because the dummy forgot to take it off!! Even after we tried to leave and beeped loud when walking through the door. We told her to double and triple check cause we didn't want to leave with a sensor n the clothes.. She insisted it was a "soft sensor, yeah right." Thanks a lot lady!!

~Do Laundry

~Continue with my Christmas Shopping

~Continue wrapping presents

~Go to the bank

~Go to our friend James' wedding

What are you doing today?


Lori said...

sounds like a busy day... hope they don't give you a tough time about the sensor... me: we have to pick up our Santa pics, groceries, and who knows what else today.

have fun at the wedding tonight

Giovanna Diaries said...

Laundry and cleaning is the only thing on my to do list today. Borrrrring!

MeLaNiE said...

AHH! Don't you just love busy Saturdays? Weddings are always fun though!

EP said...

It sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you! I hope you can knock it all out, though, because productive Saturdays are good.

I cannot believe the salesperson at Banana forgot to take that sensor off! Obnoxious!

Louise said...

Gotta love those busy days ;)
Have fun at the wedding!
Hugs girl!!

I am doing not much of anything today, my extended family gathering just got canceled so my day is open!!

MarvelousMOM said...

Sounds like a good day...although the sensor thing is annoying. Today was busy with shopping, watching the little one cheer and dinner with the fam. Now it's all about relaxing. :)

Tracy said...

Christmas Cookies!

Auburn Kat said...

I can tell you what I didn't do...start my Christmas shopping!

Melanie said...

I would have been very irritated with the people at Banana Republic! Hope you got everything done!

Amanda. said...

I hope you kicked
you to-do lists butt!

Anna said...

I hope you got everything done!