Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fingers Crossed For A New Bathroom

So Brian and I are thinking about moving if I get the new job! I did not want to talk about the new job – because like I said before; I don’t have great luck and I always feel good things don’t happen to me(I know poor unfortunate me, lol)! But if I do get it- moving to a bigger place will be definitely be up on the discussion board!

The one thing we’d like to do is get a bigger bathroom with a new Bathroom Vanity double vanity

I found these great Bathroom Vanities
: 60” Marble Top Double Vanity
that is to die for! I actually would like the whole set-up!

Check it out:

My bathroom would sure be a show-stopper with this piece. I found it online at Discount Bathroom Vanities Buy Vanities Online which is a premier online bathroom vanity retailer that allows you to shop tax free (unless you live in California, sorry). They are also offering free shipping now til December which is awesome! I know what you are probably thinking – I’d be crazy to buy such an expensive piece without viewing it first but they also offer a 14 day return policy which I think is pretty cool, especially if you do not like it when it arrives! How can you beat that?

So keep your fingers crossed for me! Maybe one day soon I’ll be moving to a bigger house with a much bigger bathroom that I can Double Vanity decorate beautifully!

This one is very similiar just different colors!

Check some cool stuff out here if you are interested in redecorating! I could shop and browse for my dream house all day long! And hey there is nothing better then Discount Bathroom Vanities!! Hopefully soon I'll have a reason to buy for a bigger house!! **BIG SIGH**


Marni's Organized Mess said...

I LOVE that. OMG. I would so take that in a flash. And of course I live in Cali. lol

THopgood said...

Dude, you were reading my mind...I just went (like 2 hours ago) to Lafatta...looking to purchase a new vanity for our master bath...turning it from a one sink to a two sink vanity. I'm SO checking this out!

Auburn Kat said...

I miss having my own house=( I loved the master bathroom....

Danielle said...

ooh pretty. Wish my bathroom was bigger than a broom closet!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the first one! It is so beautiful.

I can't believe they sell it tax-free! It just sounds too good to be true, but I'm sure they are covering the cost somehow.

Great find!

Anna said...

I think the first is my favorite. Looking for a new place to live is so exciting! I hope you get the new job!

Amanda. said...

For real, yo.

Makes me want my
own placeeee.