Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kinda Cool

**The Following Is A Sponsored Post**
So I was recently shopping online to send flowers! And you all know me – I’m a deal finder! While surfing the web I came across this cool website called Click Smart. Click Smart helps connect consumers with small businesses! I think it’s a pretty great idea and good for someone like me who is always shopping online!

You always should do a little homework when using a business, especially for some kind of big purchase right? For example: if you lived in Jersey like me and decided you wanted to buy a house in San Antonio you could find San Antonio Realtors through Click Smart! It shows that all of the realtors are certified experts! That’s better than someone who’s not right?

Check it out: Realtors in San Antonio
So, click smart takes the guessing out of choosing the right real estate agent, insurance broker, cleaning services, florists, contractor, or even wedding vendors! They pretty much do your homework for you! Isn’t that just great!
San Antonio Realtors


Rebecka said...

That's so cool! I'll have to check it out.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I tried to go to ClickSmart today, but the site wasn't working. I'll have to check back later. It sounds like a great site!