Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome Back Baby!!

Ok... so how excited am I that Fall TV is back in action?
SOOOOO excited!
Here is my line-up for the week:
Dancing with the Stars
Prison Break
The Hills
Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show
The Shield
Nothing scheduled: I take it as it comes! If you have any suggestions please let me know! I am open to new shows!
The Office
Ugly Betty
Grey's Anatomy
Friday is usally Netflix movie night with Brian! YAY!
Saturday I really don't watch anything scheduled either! We're usuallly out to dinners or with friends! Besides, what's on on Saturdays?
What are you happy to have back on TV again?


Auburn Kat said...

I'm happy for Desparate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Rules of Engagement, How I Met my Mother, Gossip Girl (my new fav), The Office...I think that's it. I LOVE Entourage, but sadly, I don't get HBO anymore or know anyone locally who gets it that could DVR it for me=(

Pam said...

you know I am happy for tv to be back again!

Danielle said...

Prison Break and House! I love House.

Amanda. said...

Yesss! Dancing With The
Stars tonight! I can't
wait. I really like the
cast! So I'm really excited
for three hours of
ballroom dancing this evening.

And super! Ugly Betty
and Greys on Thursday.
Really anticipating to
see which guy Betty chooses.
And umm...Greys...can't wait
to see where it picks up!

TV! I'm so obsessed.

La Petite Belle said...

I HAVE THE BEST SHOW EVER for wednesday. It's called Lipstick Jungle, on NBC, it's awesome, I started watching it last season and now im hooked. You can watch the season 2 premiere online now:

Katelin said...

wednesday you should watch america's next top model or criminal minds and sunday is for desperate housewives, woo. i can't wait for all the shows to be back.

Brenda Chihi said...

Samantha Who? start Monday Oct 13th ABC

Andrea said...

Tv?? what's that? haha. Between my 2 kids , cooking, cleaning, laundry, and of course blogging :) I almost never watch any tv.

Amanda said...

I am excited about the new season too!!! Wed we watch Criminal Minds!!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Starting next week on Wednesday nights there are 3 shows on ABC that I love: Pushing Daisies, Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money. The last two are my favorite.

Also, starting Sunday is Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. I'm sure you have seen Desperate, but Bro's & Sisters is GREAT. I highly reccomend it!

Anna said...

All the shows I watch are on Monday nights. One Tree Hill, The Hills and Prison Break (I usually watch PB online, because it overlaps with OTH).