Monday, September 22, 2008

The Hills

Dear Audrina,

Stop going behind Lauren's back while she's on vacation! What kind of best friend hangs out with her best friends enemy? I mean really! Don't pretend you didn't have fun and don't pretend that you didn't ask Heidi to go out to lunch! You're a traitor - how can you every be trusted?


PS - you say you like to surround yourself with positive people! Did you check out that douche bag named Spencer that was sitting across from you? Real positive person! And your boyfriend Justin Bobby - his name is gay and he's a loser!

Dear Stephanie,

You can't be trusted! Your Spencer's sister! And no matter how much you try to convince people your a good, sweet girl you're not! A true friend doesn't go for her girl friends ex-fling! I don't care how long they dated, you should always ask 1st!


P.S. - did you ever hear of oil blotting sheets?

Dear Lauren,

I love you! You're so pretty and seem so nice and sweet! But please start having a better judgment in character when it comes to friends! If not - you'll be getting burned for the rest of your life!

Love you lots,

P.S - I think you're so pretty and very stylish!


Brenda Chihi said...

LMAO about the oil blotting sheets! I love your blog, I've been addicted to it for months!

Amanda said...

Agreed!!! You are right, what kind of name is Justin Bobby? I mean, these girls are pretty - can't they get with the program and realize there ARE hot guys out there???!!!

Danielle said...

she is still with jutin bobby? OMG. I havent' seen the show in ages. NO TIME!

Katelin said...

i totally agree with you about audrina. granted i don't think lauren can be too mad about her hanging out with them when lauren hangs out with both of their sisters regularly. granted that's probably changing soon, haha.

man i love this awful show.

Anna said...

Couldn't agree with you more...

Auburn Kat said...

LOL! BTW, I LOVE the oil blotting sheets! =)

La Petite Belle said...

omg we are the SAME person. I could have written that post, I swear. love Lauren! I wish she and Brody would get together already. They're my Derek and Meredith :) hehe