Saturday, May 3, 2008

Amnesia or Just Old Age?

Do you sometimes feel like you're losing your mind? Forgetting things? Having a senior moment?

Well, I came across this great article. Did you know that there are foods, supplements and activities that can go a long way toward protecting your brain.

Here is a list of what to eat, take and do to improve your memory power while keeping your brain sharp and functioning for decades to come.

#1. Blueberries are the ultimate memory food. Research at the USDA showed that daily consumption of blueberries dramatically slows the impairment of memory that usually accompanies old age.
Compounds in blueberries called polyphenols actually help "turn on" the signals that let neurons (brain cells) communicate with each other more effectively.

#2. Compounds in strawberries help protect your brain and preserve your memory.

#3. Spinach is loaded with an array of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that research has shown to slow brain aging and preserve memory. It's one of the few food sources of the powerful, brain-protecting antioxidant alpha lipoic acid.

#4. Fish is indeed brain food! Over 60 percent of your brain by weight is composed of fat, and most of it is the same fat found in fish.

#5. Egg yolks are one of nature's richest sources of choline, a B vitamin that is one of the most important nutrients for brain health.

#6. Ginkgo Extract has been shown to reduce the progress of dementia or the severity of its symptoms, but it also improves memory.

So if your kids are driving you crazy and your job is making you bonkers and you think you're losing your mind; relax take a deep breath. Think about changing your diet and exercise more. Start eating right and your memory will definately improve. I've been eating more of the above foods and can absolutly see a difference!!


Andrea said...

Blueberries, huh? Well, my son should have a very good memory then - he would eat them by the bucketfull if I let him! haha. :)

Pam said...

well, I guess I should be eating those things since I forget everything these days!

livin with me said...

I didn't see chocolate chip cookies on the list. I think you should add that one ;)

THopgood said...

I hear Two Buck Chuck does wonders for memory too....or maybe it was anxiety?....Can't remember...I think I'll go get me some blueberries tomorrow.

Anna said...

Looks like I have yet another excuse to eat some of my favorite foods! I can never get enough blueberries or strawberries!

EP said...

Yay! Some of my fave foods are actually good for my brain! Yes! Thanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

Hi. I came across your blog linked to some others I read... I had to tell you that I love the recipes you post...great!!
I'm going to add you to my blog list so I can come back for more...

Amanda (

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the info Dana! I am definitely stocking up on these items next time I go to the grocery store.

I added the list as a note on my phone :)