Monday, May 5, 2008

Meme Monday

This is a High School Meme that I got from Melanie over at Livin'With Me! FYI - I went to an All Girls Catholic High School. And yes, I LOVED it.. If I had to do it again I would!!

Who were your seatmates?
We got to pick where we wanted to sit - so I sat with all of my friends!

What was your first class?
My school was on a rotating schedule so ever day it changed!

Made friends to the lower years?
Yes - I had friends that were younger then me, but mainly my best friends were in my grade!

How was your class schedule?
I had a great schedule. I had a free period after lunch which was awesome because I had a nice long break to relax in the Senior Lounge. And I also had last period free... Now it doesn't get better then that!!

Made any enemies?
Nope - I was a nice girl!

Who was your favorite teacher(s)???
My favorite teacher was Mr. Dalton, my Women's History teacher .. I loved him - he made learning fun!!

What sport did you play?
I played Field Hockey my Freshman through Senior Year, Senior Year I was the Captain of my team. Freshman & Sophomore Year I swam.

Were you a party animal?
Yes, I was a party animal during High School. I went out every weekend; Friday & Saturday Nights... I lived it up!

Were you well known in your school?

Yes, I was well known in High School... I was very involved with Field Hockey & we had an awesome team which helped!

Hell Yeah!! I know it sounds funny coming from a present day teacher.. But I skipped classes when it wasn't Field Hockey Season. My friends and I used to call ourselves out of school, meet at the diner, and have breakfast.

Did you get suspended/expelled?
NOPE!! Never suspended or expelled.. I did get detention Senior Year with all of my friends.. But it happened to be moderated by our Favorite teacher - all we did was talk the whole time!

Can you sing the alma mater?
Sadly to say yes!!

What was your favorite subject?
I really liked Physics & History!!

Did you go to the dances?
Yeah, I went to all the dances, formals, & Proms.

Where did you go most often during breaks?
We had a Senior Lounge to hang out in. But after school the girls on the Field Hockey team would go down the hill to Roy Rogers get something to eat and smoke cigarettes.. LOL... I guess it was a high school thing!!

What did you do on the last day of school?
I can't remember!!

What a great trip down memory lane!! I miss high school where the only worry was what to wear and what party to go to...
I can hardly believe that June 2008 will be 10 Years since I graduated and that My 10 year class reunion is coming up - Geezzzzz... I feel old...
Happy Monday to All!!!


Mommy Mechanics said...

I wish I went to a all girls catholic school, sounds like you had a great high school experience. Mine was not so good. I was one a very nice girl but not always treated very nice by other girls so my experience was not so good. Poor me =( lol.

KC said...

Sounds like you enjoyed high school
Happy Monday

Amanda said... 10 year reunion was 3 years ago... Class of 1995!!

Lori said...

I too graduated from an all girls Catholic school and loved it!

Katelin said...

Aw I love high school, such a cute meme.

livin with me said...

I loved high school too. Some of my happiest memories are from high school. I'm glad you played along- that was fun to read!

Danielle said...

I gave you some bling and tagged you for a meme!

Marni Tiani Self said...

I'll have to do this one soon. I LOVE it. :)

Andrea said...

I know...we were so carefree in high school, huh? We didn't have to worry about clean houses, or what to make for lunch or car payments, etc.! haha. ;) I enjoyed your little trip down memory lane!

Amber said...

Wow...a man taught women's history? Cool!

Mamarazzi said...

so much fun to read and learn more about you!!