Monday, May 26, 2008

Meme Monday

I got this following Meme from Karen!

1. What was the last movie you saw? There Will Be Blood. Was it good? It was a great movie. What made it good? The acting and the story line. It isn't typically my kind of movie, but I really enjoyed it! What made it bad?I thought it was a little long, but it wasn't bad! What could have been better? I would have done somevthings different; story wise - but I can't say what cause it would ruin the movie! Why did you choose this particular movie? Brian really wanted to see it - I'm glad he did cause it was good! It came through Netflix. Would you recommend it to a friend? Yes!! To your mom? I don't think it's her kind of flick! To your significant other? He recommended it to me!

2. What three words do you think of when someone says ‘Saturday’? Sleep in late

3. Do you tan? Yes, I love to get a good tan, especially in the summer. If so, how many hours a week do you tan? No set particular # of hours. Whenever I can get to the beach, pool, or ocassionally the tanning salon. If you don’t tan, why not? Do you tan easily? Yes I tan pretty easily.. My 1st time in the sun I usually burn a little bit, then I tan great after the 1st initial time in the sun! Do you burn easily? Not really! Tell us about the worst burn you’ve ever had. I don't remember ever getting a really bad burn! GREAT, I probably jinxed myself. How many hours, in the summer, would you say you spend in the sun? It depends on my work week... And what I have going on during the weekends.. But I do spend about 2 hours a day in the sun at work when I take the kids outside.What sort of sunscreen do you use? Anything with a good waterproof SPF!!

4. If you had to wear a sign around your neck all day today, what would your sign say? Please don't make me go to work tomorrow!

I'm not tagging anyone in particular - if you've read this post and want to play go for it!!
Enjoy your day off of work :)


AlasMyDear said...

haha, i love the idea of the 'please don't let me go to work tomorrow'! hilarious :)

baby advice said...

I'm glad I stopped by, my hubby has been wanting to see that movie, but I was a little unsure!! Enjoy your Holiday!

Marni Tiani Self said...

What a cute Meme. I LOVE getting a tan and hanging in the sun too.

PS. LOVE the third column, did you do it yourself? It's awesome!!

Pam said...

I love the sign you would wear-- make me one too k? ;) Happy Memorial Day!!

Melanie said...

This was soooo cute! I loved this meme and I think I might grab it from you for next week.

I love your sign choice!!