Friday, May 9, 2008

Isn't It Ironic

Two weeks ago my Aunt was diagnosed wih breast cancer. It was such a shock to my family.. She had surgery this week; they took out one of her lymph nodes and tested it to see how bad the cancer was. Thank God she got a GREAT prognosis and the doctors have high hopes. It's crazy how it happened; she went for her annual mammogram and it came back with a spot on the films. The lump could not be seen or felt - it was picked up on the films. I am so thankful that she went and got this taken care of soo quickly.

In about a month she starts Radiation - once a day, every day for 6 weeks. Then she will be retested and hopefully it will be gone. It is so scary how quiclky something like this can come on. About 2 weeks before Christmas Brian's Aunt was diagnosed with Breast Cancer too.. She has 1 week left with her radiation treatment - she is doing great, thank god!

Now for the irony - the day my Aunt was diagnosed my cousin found out she was pregnant! I guess it was
good news to keep my Aunt going.

Here is a great site that can answer any questions you may have or info you may want to find out about Breast Cancer like; what causes it, symptoms, what happens, risk factors, etc. Here you can learn about it and how to live with it!
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Tipp said...

Thanks Dana!

You know this is so close to my heart right now!

Love you for this!

Rebecka said...

My aunt had it too. She was taking a shower and did the self exam and felt a lump and went had part of it taken out and it came back that it was cancer. A week later she had surgery. Then a week after that she had more. And then a week after that she had more. Then she had radiation twice a day for six days and then chemo for three years i think.
It's hard. i know.

by the way, if you want the pictures, give me your email address and i'll send you some.

Pam said...

This is such a near and dear subject to me. Thanks for sharing all this great info!

Andrea said...'s crazy how it can just appear out of the blue...scary too! I'm glad that your aunt has a good prognosis though!!

Christy said...

Thanks for the info Dana. I am sorry to hear about all of this scary
cancer stuff. I hope everything works out and your family members make a full recovery.

Amanda said...

Yes, very scary - when I was 18 (12 years ago), I found a lump and was terrified. Went to the dr for multiple tests and ended up having the lump removed. It turned out that I had 2 lumps and both were taken out. It ended up being fibroadenoma and as was well, but as I get older it still is very worrisome.
Hope all turns out well with your Aunt...and congrats to the pregnant cousin!!!

Danielle said...

Glad to hear your aunt is doing well and the prognosis is good. It is such a scary thing. And I am so excited about your cousin. Yay!

Mamarazzi said...

i will keep y'all in my prayers.

and yes it is ironic...blessings.

Marni Tiani Self said...

Congrats to your family. That is awesome. I mean, the recovery part and pregnancy...

Mommy Mechanics said...

That is so great that she caught it so soon. Hope all goes well. How wonderful that the news of being a grandma came such perfect time.

EP said...

Oh, wow. I'm happy she caught it in time and that things are looking up. Cancer is a scary thing, and I bet her daughter being pregnant will help out, too.

You're in my thoughts and prayers!