Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Damn You Google Analytics

So i have had Google Analytics installed on my Blog for about 6 months now and it wasn't until just recently that I have been obbsesed with checking my stats! Especially since some of my other Bloggy friends have been having problems lately with some of their visitors!
There are some updates I've been wanting to give to all of you and after checking my Map Overlay and all of the visits I've been clocking in daily, I've been getting nervous about some of the closeness(location to where I live) and quanity of my visitors! After talking with Brian - he mentioned that at least for a little while I should "nix" speaking about certain topics dealing with possible finacial increases(if you get my drift!)... Call me paranoid - but like I said - I'm noticing some weird things; isn't
technology great!?!
Google Analytics is really cool and if you don't have it installed on your blog format you should think about it! It's so cool to see who is checking your blog, where they are from, and how many times they are
stalking visiting you! But then on the other hand - you may start to get paranoid like me - it's a little creepy to know someone down in the next town over is checking out your site multiple times of the day...
But I guess I'll get over it!
Hopefully I'll be able to share good news soon! We'll see!!!


The White Family said...

I would love to know where to find one so that I can put it on my page? Thanks so much!

Danielle said...

You need to help me fix mine on Sat!!!

Amber said...

I have statcounter...I'm a little obsessed, too!

Amanda-The Family News! said...

yes, I just got this (or something similar) set up too...I saw where someone searched me under yahoo search engine - more specifically they searched "amanda avery"...now unless there is someone out there named that, it came to me because of my name and Avery's. i check it very often now.... However, I can't seem to figure out how to find out where the people are located....maybe I will look at this google analytics....

Ashley said...

I always get paranoid when someone near me is looking at my blog - maybe I know them! Maybe it's my coworkers! Ahhh!

Can't wait to hear your news!

Tracy said...

Never heard of it. That is creepy and def. something I will be adding. I'm sure I'll be obsessed too!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I know what you mean. We have a love hate relationship.

Auburn Kat said...

I use GoogleAnalytics and Sitemeter.. love them both!

I know what you mean about getting nervous about some people reading!

Amanda. said...

HA! I never knew about
this so called function.
How veryyyy interesting.

And well...you
probably see lil'
ole' me STALKING your
blog one or two times
a day. And when I have
a lot of time...even
more then that!

But I can promise you,
I'm not a creeper!

I'd get WAY obsessed
with that knick-knack!
It's a good thing
I DON'T have it.

Mommy Mechanics said...

Yea I obsess over it too sometimes.

thatShortChick said...

i just joined analytics and now i'm scared!!

but so very curious!

Matt said...

Thats the bad thing about having a blog thats open...

anyoone can find it.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Ohh I want this on my blog! Even though I don't have a huge following it would be cool to see. Is it free?