Thursday, October 23, 2008

BumGenius Cloth Diaper Review

Hey there - it's Danielle from New Mommy Rant
I received this great bumgenius cloth diaper from Cotton Babies
. Check out there site - it's great!

My first diaper review will be of a bumGenius cloth diaper. That one on the cute little tush above to be exact. I heard a lot of great things about these diapers and I wanted to check them out. The company claims bumGenius is the cloth diapers for every day people because they are so easy to use. I relayed this important slogan to my mom. She laughed at me. Some people!This is the first cloth diaper I ever used.. Well I didn't realize that bumGenius came with an insert and a doubler and stupid me used only the doubler. I can laugh about it now. HA. I took Eliza on a long stroll with her bumGenius diaper. When we returned she had peed and soaked through her cloths and the car seat. OOOPS! However, this was totally my mistake. The next time I used the diaper I used the correct insert an NO Leakage. I have used the diaper since with great success.

What I Love
Velcro stretch-to-fit tabs make them as easy as disposables to close.
There are snaps in front that allow you to adjust the size of the diaper.
Fits babies 7 - 35lbs so you don't need new diapers as baby grows
Awesome color choices: Blossom, Butternut, Grasshopper,

Twilight & White

bumGenius makes a fast drying organic version of the diaper
I honestly can't think of any cons for this diaper. I am very happy with it so far. I guess I will have to wait and see how it hold up in the long run.
Cloth Diaper Grade: A+


The White Family said...

Okay, I need your help please... .I want to know things..

1.On the left side of your page.. you know how you have a link to your fav blogs and all you have to do is click on it to go to their page.. How do I do that of my own page?

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Amber said...

I'm DYING to try a BG!!