Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good Night, Sleep Tight Review Part 2

Kim West, LCSW-C, LLC
The Sleep Lady ®
Author of "Good Night, Sleep Tight"
Office: 410-647-6005
Fax: 443-927-2722

And for your information I spoke to Kim and she also mentioned that she offers phone consults and gives classes if you are interested. Check out her website; it's great! The Sleep Lady

Bedtime Routine
It must be comforting and predictable, may include books, songs, and their lovey. You need to switch their brain from alert to sleepy. If your child doesn't like part of the routine, such as putting on their pajamas or brushing teeth, do that first & get it over with.
Always put the baby down drowsy but awake. They need to learn how to fall asleep on their own.

In conclusion
Remember to take care of yourself. Review the information as many times as necessary and stick with it. Most children will take a few weeks to sleep train. Patience, consistency, and faith in your abilities to parent are the key!

Good night and sleep tight!!

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