Monday, October 13, 2008

Comfortable Camping

Camping is seriously sooo much fun! But I would say that it is more enjoyable with an air matress . I was recently thinking about purchasing a new, more comfortable one( to go along with my apartment like tent,lol) and came across this cool website all about the air matress. This website is a complete Air Mattress Buyer's Guide. Air mattresses are also good for other things besides camping. Maybe you're having someone stay over your house, maybe you're going to stay over a friend's house! I've also used it when we stayed at a hotel with one too many people in the room. They really do come in handy! You should check out this website if you're in need for one it has great tips like an air mattress price list, travel pillows, even bed sheeting.

air matress


Auburn Kat said...

I have to say that I love to go camping...there is nothing like sitting around a campfire with family and/or friends, drinking and eating smores!

La Petite Belle said...

i will take your word for it, my friend, but you know "comfortable camping" sounds like an oxymoron to me. hahaha I'm a wimp.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I have bought so many air mattresses over the years and I always seem to loose the motors!

Thanks for the website, it should be helpful in my next quest to find a good one to keep!

EP said...

I really don't enjoy camping, but I love camp fires. And I'm a big fan of air mattresses. So maybe that kind of camping could work for me?