Monday, October 27, 2008

Nervous Wreck

See that beautiful Harley? I fear that it has become my worst enemy! But you see we have a love hate relationship!! And it's not because Brian loves to ride; I love and I mean L.O.V.E. to ride with him!! BUT, yesterday he went out for some riding brigade, or whatever it may be with like 20 other people.... Sounds fun right? Right, unitl he called and left me a message saying that someone they were riding with fell!! OMG!!!! Apparently the guy took a turn too wide and the bike fell out from under him and it flipped over him and went flying into the woods!!!! The guy was ok - just banged up; so was the bike.. YIKES!!!!
Now this is another thing I have to worry about!! Brian is a very, very skilled rider and he knows what he is doing and he is very careful!! I known that it won't happen to him....It's just the "what if" that bothers me!!! What if, what if, what if..... Grrrr..... Cause that's what I need!!!
Maybe i'm just nerotic!?!


Amanda-The Family News! said...

Brian used to have a motorcycle - before we met. I have heard the stories and know he wrecked pretty bad on it. he mentions every now and then about getting another one - NOPE!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

It is only natural to be worried, but don't let that stop you/him from having a good time!

Harleygurl said...

I understand your husband is a very skilled rider. You probably have no need to worry about him, it is the other people who have no concept and pay no attention to motorcyclist.
My hisband and I both ride our own Harley's ( Yes,this 4'11" girl rides her own 641# Harley). I see it all the time where people pay no attention to there surroundings and do not notice motocyclist. I have a wonderful poem about that I would love to share if you would like to read it. Ride safe!
And oh ya, Iam addicted to your blog!

Christy said...

Motorcycles scare me to death. The rider just seems so vulnerable. I understand why you worry.