Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Celebrate with Celebrations

Every year at Christmas time the girls and I plan a Mock Christmas Party with our significant others(we used to do a Mock Thanksgiving Party too, if you can't tell from the picture above). We look forward to the party all year long and always want to make it perfect. So, when I recently came across this website called Celebrations I thought it could be something we may be able to use while planning our party because Celebrations offers advice for you when you are planning a party of your own and they have some great Christmas Ideas. You may never have heard of Celebrations but you may actually be familiar with one of their other family brands (1-800-flowers.com, Cheryl&Co.,The Popcorn Factory, Plow&Hearth, and Fannie May).

You know me I love recipes and I am always looking for something new to cook, especially during the holiday season. And with Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas quickly coming upon us I was interested with what this site had to offer; anything online to submerge myself in, LOL. Celebrations.com has an area where you can share ideas and recipes; you can even post some of your favorite party pictures or maybe you took a quick video of you and your friends having a blast!

While browsing around I saw a special holiday drink that looks yummy. It’s called Red Reindeer Vodkatini. I’m thinking that this could be something I could execute at our party this year! Here are some other great things

Celebrations.com has to offer
~Top 10 Party Ideas
~Top 10 Party Tips
~Popular Party Invitations
~A Party Calendar and SO MUCH MORE!!!

So if you’re having a big party or just looking for something else to browse upon during this Holiday Season check out Celebrations.com. If anything maybe you can snag a cool idea or yummy recipe. They even have really, really cool DIY(do it yourself) crafty things!! So cool… Go check it out!!! Go Celebrate Christmas with Celebrations!


Rebecka said...

I'll have to check it out..

are you feeling any better?

Auburn Kat said...

No big party for me this year. Actually, maybe if I find an apartment I should have one!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

The vodkatini sounds delish!

Steph said...

Thank you for sharing!! I was having major Christmas party planner-block