Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday

I didn't throw out a big tupperware container because I didn't feel like washing it.. That would be a waste of money and that would make me lazy!

I didn't make Brian go back to the store because I forgot the key ingredient for dinner! I would never be so forgetful..

I would never tell my kids if they were quiet for 30 minutes I'd let them pick a prize because I need down time and had a headache. I would never bribe them with material objects.. Not me!!

I would never not answer my phone because
I didn't want to talk to someone!!
That would be mean!

I didn't burst out crying like a bottle up soda can last night cause I was mad and upset! I would never cry to make myself feel better; I would certainly talk about it out loud!
What did you not do today?


Mamarazzi said...

oh yeah i neeeeverrrr throw away tupperware because i don't want to wash it...that would be baaaad AND lazy...nope not me never! ;)

i hope you are feeling better. i hate the flu shot for just that reason!!

Lori said...

I would never forget an ingredient either... nope a person who plans their meals ahead of time would never forget something important

hope today is a better day for you

Giovanna Diaries said...

I would never give some cold/cough medicine to my kids just to make them sleep better and longer. That sounds crazy!
But they are sick so I'm justified but the thought did cross my mind... ;)

Amanda. said...

Loveeee this.
You doing better,
missy? I sure hope so!

Steph said...

I have to admit that I throw away the tupperware A LOT because I don't like cleaning lazy...

Amanda-The Family News! said...

oh yea - i would never throw away the tupperware either!!! :)

Melain said...

I would NEVER sit at my computer for hours and catch up on my favorite blogs while dishes sit in my sink. NEVER.

Auburn Kat said...


I did not eat ice cream followed by taco dip today! Nope, not me!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

That's awesome!